The Carpetblogger is getting so desperate to spin that the environment really is so great for the Republicans, that he’s attacking Chris Redfern over something Redfern never even said.


So did Chris Redfern say he’d be happy to take only two statewide offices in November to the Youngstown Vindicator’s editorial board?  No, in fact, he said quite the opposite:


Jon Keeling is just a shameless liar.  Redfern goes on to say that:

“We have got so much work to do, but the resources are there” for Democrats to win in November.

A lot of it depends on Strickland, who is facing a challenge from Republican John Kasich.

“Races are built on the top of the ticket,” Redfern said.

If Strickland wins convincingly, the rest of the Democratic ticket will succeed, Redfern said.

I don’t know who Keeling thinks he’s fooling with this nonsense.  But he has to realize his credibility takes a big hit every time he just flat out lies like this.

Does he honestly think the Democratic statewide ticket gets its news from Keeling?

Keeling attempt to question the last part of Redfern’s quote which he doesn’t grossly misstate, but it’s a truism.  If Strickland does well against John Kasich , then the rest of the ticket will to.  That’s nothing more than a political law of physics in Ohio.  Criticizing Redfern for pointing the obvious is just silly.

Pepper and Cordray clearly have the financial support to run a strong campaign, unlike their GOP opponents.  Redfern isn’t saying that the entire Democratic ticket is at the mercy of Strickland’s fortunes.  He just pointed at that the entire Democratic ticket could win if Strickland pulls out from Kasich.

Given that the polling in the race has (with the exception of Rasmussen) shown political fortunes breaking Strickland’s way and an overall improving political environment for Democrats, all Redfern said was what we all know is true for lower statewide races, they normally do as well as the top races on the ticket does.

Keeling knows that’s true.  After all, he wrote about the same thing in reference to the Fisher campaign earlier this week!

Jon Keeling is just a joke and a liar.

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