From the daily archives: Friday, July 16, 2010

The Columbus Dispatch’s Daily Briefing Blog reports that John Kasich is starting to whittle down his warchest even faster with its first television ad buy.  The story includes this “I can’t believe we’d be this possibly lucky” preview:

Among other things, the ad, according to a source, could offer a defense of Kasich’s time as a managing director of Lehman Brothers, the failed Wall Street investment firm.

I’m not really going on a limb here.  We pretty much already know what Kasich’s response on everything Lehman Brothers is based on his press statements and stump speech on the issue.

Announcing […]

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As my co-bloggers have been reminding me lately, I’ve not been blogging much here at the ol’ PB, lately.  Sorry!  Being Candidate Man is beginning to take over my life almost entirely.  Most of my blogging is now at the campaign site (thoughts on sharing a last name with Frank Russo here, on Harvey Pekar’s death here, and Plain Dealer stupidity here).  We’ve got about a month and a half to go before the primary, I feel pretty confident, so the blogging will be even lighter.  People have been asking me my thoughts on stuff, though, so […]

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The Carpetblogger is getting so desperate to spin that the environment really is so great for the Republicans, that he’s attacking Chris Redfern over something Redfern never even said.

So did Chris Redfern say he’d be happy to take only two statewide offices in November to the Youngstown Vindicator’s editorial board?  No, in fact, he said quite the opposite:

Jon Keeling is just a shameless liar.  Redfern goes on to say that:

“We have got so much work to do, but the resources are there” for Democrats to win in November.

A […]

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You know I couldn’t help but look at Keeling’s FEC post today and not think back to how he tried to spin John Kasich’s last campaign finance report (in which Strickland’s CoH advantage grew, Kasich raised less and spent more while Strickland was the only campaign running ads.)


Rule # 1: Cash-on-hand figures matters (if the Republican has the advantage.)

When Stivers has less than a $300k Cash-on-Hand advantage, it’s “Dollar Domination for the Win.”  When report after report shows that Ted Strickland has a $2 […]

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The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services reports that Ohio’s unemployment rate dropped .2% to 10.5% last month.  Because of a number of temporary census jobs that started in May ended last month (jobs I ignored in May because of their temporary nature), Ohio technically shows a net job loss.  However, if you factor out the temporary census jobs, you’ll see that private sector hiring accelerated from May.

Yesterday, John Kasich campaigned with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in Dayton.  Kasich brashly said (with no plan of his own):

Kasich, a former Columbus-area […]

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