90s Gingich Kasich reunion 

Time to get your Porno for Pyros and Spin Doctor CDs out because John Kasich is holding a special 1990s GOP Broken Promises/Broken Dreams reunion tour with former House Speaker/’12 Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich.

I mean, come on, there is nothing that is going to turn out the vote in Dayton, Ohio like an appearance by America’s most beloved ex-speaker/hypocritical adulterer Newt Gingrich!

And what is the Newtster and his former Boy Wonder coming to talk about today?

As previously announced, Kasich will be at Sinclair Community College on Thursday with former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich for a round table discussion on job training.

John Kasich doing a roundtable discussion on job training is like having former Governor George Wallace doing a roundtable on school integration in the 1960s.

In 1993, Kasich unsuccessfully voted with the GOP to strip the Job Training Partnership Act and Youth Fair Chance programs from an emergency supplemental bill for midwestern flooding.  Kasich again voted with all but four of his GOP colleagues to strip appropriations for a job training bill in an appropriation bill dealing with federal job training programs.

Later, as House Budget Chairman, Kasich proposed on several occasions legislation to eliminate federal job training programs from U.S. workers affected by international “free” trade agreements.

Kasich’s campaign has, quite literally, attempted to laugh off any questions about his Congressional record during the Gingrich years which today’s event creates demonstrates the double standard Kasich is trying to pull off.  Let me cite my record in Congress in ways I think is favorable to my campaign, but insist that nobody talks about anything in my Congressional record that would make me unpopular in his current campaign.  It’s kind of hard to say that what you did in the Congress in the 1990s isn’t relevant to the race when you’re campaigning with the Speaker of the House from that time.

Perhaps he and Speaker Gingrich can take a stroll down memory lane and tell tales of what Kasich has called one of Kasich’s greatest personal achievements in life—the temporary shutdown of the federal government during a budget dispute with the Clinton Administration.

Ahhh, the memories.

Maybe some reporter will actually confront Kasich on his history of opposing the very training programs he now is campaigning about.

Maybe some reporter will actually confront Kasich and Gingrich that even conservatives like State Rep. Bill Coley say that it was the growth of the economy fueled by the emerging IT economy that had more do with the temporary “balancing” of the federal budget than anything else. 

Yep, Internet porn has a more legitimate claim for being responsible for the temporary federal budget surpluses than John Kasich does.

Patriotic Pam

Maybe now, John Kasich can’t just laugh away questions of his extreme, anti-working family record in Congress anymore.

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