The Columbus Dispatch’s Daily Briefing blog shows just how twisted the NRCC has to get to attack Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy’s role in passing comprehensive Wall Street reform passed:

The committee, which backs Republican challenger Steve Stivers, said provisions in the bill will benefit trial lawyers and unions, which happen to be among Kilroy’s most stalwart financial supporters.

Lawyers will benefit from lawsuits that result from disputes over “ambiguous language” in the bill as well as provisions that allow whistleblowers to be anonymous and hire lawyers to represent them, the GOP committee said.

The group said unions also will benefit from a provision empowering large shareholders — who include unions as well as public pension systems — to nominate corporate directors directly.

“Mary Jo Kilroy just can’t be trusted to stand up for central Ohioans,” Tory Mazzola, a spokesman for the Republican campaign group, said in a press release. “Too often she’s doing the heavy lifting for partisan groups like trial lawyers and big labor, which are some of her biggest donors.”

Only a GOP D.C.-Beltway political organization could actually think this makes sense to people in central Ohio: 

(sinister opposition ad voice over grainly, dark and unflattering black & white photo of Congresswoman Kilroy) While in Washington, Mary Jo Kilroy voted to…. protect corporate whistleblowers.  After the massive economic collapse starting with Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy… Mary Jo Kilroy helped authored legislation to… protect shareholders and pensions!  BURN HER!  Elect Steve Stiver to Congress.  He’d not only be a bank lobbyist’s best friend in Congress, he used to be one.

Seriously, NRCC, you’re attacking Mary Jo Kilroy for protecting corporate whistleblowers and large stock holders from corporate misdeeds?  Really?  When her opponent already has the baggage of being a bank lobbyist?  That’s your plan?  Really?