Back in December I slammed Green Party Candidate Dennis Spisak for using his diary over at Progress Ohio as a campaign blog and for using campaign staffers to write strange, barely relevant, often-ranting and more-often-untrue blog posts about Governor Strickland.

I now know that I was completely wrong. And I am very sorry about my mistake.

Yes, the diary still exists. Sure, the crazy posting still continues. But I now know for sure that this crap wasn’t written by campaign staffers.

The sad but true fact is that Dennis Spisak wrote it all himself and I whole-heartedly apologize to any Green Party campaign staffers I may have offended with my previous assumptions.

Dennis Spisak seems like a great guy. A guy with many of the same concerns as me. A guy who is much braver and who has much more energy than me. A guy willing to put himself out there for a cause he believes in. Deep down I admire Dennis Spisak for his courage but it doesn’t make me any less pissed off at him for his horribly poor campaign strategy.

The path Dennis has chosen is going to be a complete and total disaster for his campaign and his party in November – but more importantly it’s going to be a total disaster for the causes he claims to support.

Right now Spisak seems entirely focused on pulling a few votes away from Strickland to improve his own vote count instead of actually pursing the agenda of his party. That’s a mistake.

You don’t help move your own agenda forward by vigorously attacking the guy who supports 90% of the same stuff as you and comparing him to the guy who supports 10% of the same stuff as you.

It’s a bad strategy for your party and for your agenda. It’s the kind of strategy that gets guys like G.W. Bush elected. The kind of strategy that causes a whole generation of lefty voters to become disillusioned with third party candidates.

It sucks that third party candidates in the US don’t have any serious chance of being elected right now. It really, really sucks. But that is the current state of politics in our country. Accept it and move on.

The best thing to Green party can do right now is to NOT behave like the Tea Party. My advice to the Green party: stop acting crazy and start making friends with the people who are almost aways on your side.

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