The Carpetblogger suddenly believes that a campaign poll by a virtually unknown Republican statewide candidate who emerged from a bitter primary with virtually no money is credible when they show said Republican candidate with a nearly twenty point lead.

At least, that’s what he wants you to believe.  But I wondered as I read his post this morning, why is there not a single link in his post?  Ordinarily, I’d expect to see some link to either a campaign press release or the pollster’s website.  When I saw the pollster’s website, I understood why Keeling conveniently left out a link to it:


Yep, he’s a pollster advocating for the repeal of the 17th Amendment.

Gang, meet Fritz Wenzel, former Toledo Blade reporter.  Fritz Wenzel is a conservative former reporter who was alleged to have sat on the Tom Noe story before going into business as a political and polling consultant.  Despite covering politics up in Toledo most of his career, Mr. Wenzel landed a $60,000 contract with Congresswoman Jean Schmidt’s campaign almost immediately after he resigned from the Toledo Blade.

His son worked as Ken Blackwell campaign’s Political Director in 2006.  Prior to doing his own polling, Mr. Wenzel worked for Zogby International… a national polling organization that is so notoriously unreliable that it is one of the lowest national pollsters on Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight site.  Mr. Wenzel’s company doesn’t even appear in Nate Silver’s rankings.  And I can’t recalled the last time I saw a major news outlet cite a Zogby poll.

Mr. Wenzel’s did a poll earlier this year for Ohio Right to Life that claimed that Strickland only had the support of 33% of the likely general election electorate… that’s SEVEN POINTS WORSE than even Rasmussen’s likely voter model showed at the time and TWELVE POINTS WORSE than an Ohio Poll by the University of Cincinnati showed around the same time.  Not surprisingly, the Right to Life poll showed the best numbers for Kasich and worse for Strickland than any poll has shown during the entire race.  His polling in the Senate race also showed the lowest support for the Democrat than any poll has shown during the entire race.

He did a poll for a Senate candidate in Utah (who apparently doesn’t know about his 17th Amendment views) that, shock, showed his client in the lead!  Although Wenzel’s client did win, he won by only two points, not the ten points Wenzel claimed polling showed shortly before the primary vote.

Wenzel has also polled for the mothership of conservative crazies, World Net Daily.  According to Wenzel’s polling, 25% of all Americans say they are censoring their “thoughts” under President Obama.  Of course, that poll just randomly dialed up phone numbers in the phone book; there was no statistical sampling at all.  Another poll he did for WND claimed that nearly a majority of Americans do not believe or doubt that President Obama is  eligible to be President, one-third of randomly called people (again, no statistical sampling) said they don’t believe President Obama is legitimately the President.  Not surprisingly, a Washington Post/NBC poll in May put that figure closer to… 14%.  A PPP poll found it higher, at 24%, but 10% of that 24% are respondents who correctly knew that Obama was born in Hawaii, but didn’t think or wasn’t sure if Hawaii is part of the United States.  You know….MORONS who read WND and thinks it’s “news!”

That’s the kind of pollster the Carpetblogger and the Yost campaign is crowing about.

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