OK, for the two people who’ve been wondering where I’ve been here goes. I don’t normally take a solid month off from the blog. It’s probably my biggest break since starting in 2005. Here’s the deal.

I just returned from a month long sabbatical in which I visited a little known Buddhist temple on the outskirts of a town called Nipinnawasee, California. Between there and Bootjack lies a little mountain on the side of which a temple sits that is inhabited by a little known teacher named Arvis Joen Justi. I was accompanied by his student Adyashanti as we sat quietly and contemplated whether the wind or the flag was blowing above the temple. We meditated on this for a solid month, taking only small breaks for a bite of rice and tofu and some water to wash it down*.

We never came up with a good answer so I returned home to take up matters of more pressing consequence. Like rebuilding my kitchen from the ground up, getting the two year old down for a nap and the girls off to soccer camp while running a business that has now turned into 3. Oh, and this here blog. Yes. I’m back, ladies and gents. Have Katy bar the door.

But hey. Don’t call it a comeback.

*of course none of this is true. i mean, the facts are right, but the truth is a bit different.