Some conservatives, and the campaign itself, is crowing about GOP challenger Jim Renacci’s FEC report he filed several days early.  Except, underneath the press releases is a FEC report that has alot of smoke and mirrors.

Roughly one-third of the campaign’s “individual” donations came from the candidate himself… on the last few days of the reporting period.  Rennaci donated $200,000 to his own campaign using the fortune he’s made selling Cash for Clunker calls and running and selling nursing homes dependent on federal entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare.  This, we are told, makes him an ideal candidate for today’s “Tea Party” electorate.

Renacci’s campaign is deeply in debt to… Renacci.  On top of the $200k he directly donated to his own campaign, Renacci loaned his committee roughly $185,000.  Over half of the campaign’s cash on hand total is the amount of outstanding loans the committee owes to the candidate.

It’s been enough that Congressman Boccieri’s campaign is publicly accusing his GOP rival of trying to buy the seat:

"In the race for Ohio’s 16th Congressional District, one candidate claims he’s signed a lot of checks. I must concede this point to one of my opponents this fall. Not only has Mr. Renacci signed checks to pay
an endless list of lawsuits from failed businesses and big tax liens, he’s signed checks for nearly a half million dollars to try and buy the election this fall – then brags about it in a press statement,” Congressman Boccieri said.

“It shows a sense of being out of touch and insensitivity. Hundreds of thousands of families in our district struggle everyday to find jobs and make it through the week, while Mr. Renacci’s party in Washington blocks unemployment extensions, loans to small businesses and reining in Wall Street speculators,” Boccieri said.

"My campaign has always been about the people. People want and need someone like them in Congress – someone who will stand up to corporations and special interest groups to put them first –
Washington doesn’t need another politician who would give tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas rather than tax breaks to middle class families who need it most.

“Mr. Renacci, stop bragging about your net worth and worry about the families struggling to keep their homes, put gas in their car or feed their children,” Boccieri concluded.

Renacci has also received financial support from House Minority Leader John Boehner and significant in-kind contributions from the Ohio Republican Party.  He’s received a ton of PAC money from Republican PACs like Sarah Palin’s PAC, Citizens United, “Freedom and Security” PAC, etc.

One of Renacci’s biggest financial supporters, besides himself, is Murray Energy.  Not only has its PAC contributed $5,000 recently to his campaign, but its CEO and several other executives have also donated.  Murray Energy received the highest federal Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) fine ever due to the 2007 Crandall Canyon Utah mine disaster using “retreat mining” which some (federal mine investigators) believe lead to the collapse.