The Carpetblogger is never a disappointment in Iraqi Minister of Information (aka “Baghdad Bob”) level of political spin.

A month ago, the NRA endorsed Strickland for Governor.  Keeling wrote that’s okay because it doesn’t look like the Buckeye Firearms Association’s “widely read” forums supports the NRA on this endorsement.

Today, what does Keeling say about the Buckeye Firearms Association’s endorsement of Governor Strickland? That’s okay there aren’t that many Second Amendment single-issue voters out there and nobody follows the Buckeye Firearm Association anyway.

Keeling then claims that it’s okay, because the more these endorsements are pushed by Strickland, the more they hurt Strickland with his base.  The same base that widely supported the pro-gun Democrat in 2006.

Keeling, of course, ignores the elephant in the room.  That losing two conservative endorsement is a major impediment to Kasich’s claim to be the King of the Tea Party.  Most of the comments are not anti-Strickland, but even those that are, they are hardly pro-Kasich, either. These endorsements circle a big public weakness Kasich has on a signature issue for the Tea Party “movement.” And it’s going to hurt his GOTV come November.  His best hope?  That instead of voting for Strickland, these voters wind up supporting the Libertarian candidate instead.  That’s not something to be crazy about.

I can think of no bigger favor can be given to the Strickland campaign than to have Kasich’s biggest surrogate openly call the NRA and BFA essentially politically irrelevant organizations not worth listening to.  This is the response of every failed anti-gun Democratic campaign I’ve ever seen.

Keeling has publicly announced that gun rights groups can expect no support or ear in a Kasich Administration because they do not believe there are significant number of pro-Second Amendment voters out there worth worrying about.

Of course, this is such an irrelevant issue that Keeling tried to get the Buckeye Firearm Association upset because the Ohio Democratic Party attempted to send out a mailer to all CCW permit holders to talk about gun issues.  Then, a few weeks ago he blatantly misrepresented what Strickland’s running mate said about gun issues in an attempt to suggest that single-issue gun rights voters should be concerned.  That’s after Kasich himself spent an entire year trying to amend and spin his anti-gun record before Tea Party crowds calling him out on this “non-important” single issue.  For what he calls today a politically irrelevant group, Jon Keeling sure has spent the last month trying to woe single-issue gun voters for John Kasich.

What Keeling is saying is that gun right voters are politically irrelevant to Republicans because they know that no matter how many times Kasich supported an assault weapons ban, voted to regulate handguns, and voted to end gun shows, so-called “gun rights” voters will still vote Republican over a Democrat who has steadfastly and consistently supported them on the issues.  And he’s not alone in the GOP in thinking that.  That’s why the latest CCW bill was stalled in the near supermajority GOP State Senate.  They don’t believe that gun voters will ever make them politically pay for whatever they do on their issues.

Jon Keeling and the Ohio GOP thinks gun voters can be ignored by Kasich  because at the end of the day, they’ll even vote for the Republican gun right opponent over a Democratic gun right supporter come November.

I got a feeling that if this gets noticed by folks over at the Buckeye Firearm Association and the NRA it’s going to backfire.   I can think of very few public interest groups I would never want to publicly dare to prove their political relevance in a statewide election than the NRA.  But Keeling’s done just that.  It’s basically a challenge to the NRA and BFA to put their money where their endorsements are.  Again, stupid.

And I’m pretty sure these same organizations will endorse in the Attorney General race.  And they’ll gladly endorse Richard Cordray over Mike DeWine.  Does John Kasich really want to be seen in the same political boat with gun-issue voters as Mike DeWine?  Apparently, Jon Keeling does.