As Modern pointed out earlier, Buckeye Firearms Association was set to join the NRA in endorsing Ted Strickland for Governor over his Republican challenger John “voted for a gun ban” Kasich.

Now it’s official. Ted just got an endorsement from what one Ohio blogger on the right calls “a fantastic conservative organization”. When Matt Naugle thinks the endorsement is correct, you have some serious gun rights issues and some massive trouble with your supposed base.

I’m not sure you can stress how big this is. The NRA and the BFA have both endorsed an incumbent DEMOCRAT for Governor. We’re talking massive #fail on the base front. Witness the meltdown on firearms forums. They are in serious need of some of Glenn Beck’s duct tape. Their heads are trying to explode trying to wrap their brains around what this means for their worldview if a commie lib dem guvna can get endorsements like this.


It certainly does dispel the pansy liberal theme that some seem to rely on. Until you nearly get your ass kicked by a hippy Buddhist that is. 😉

Standard culture war horseshit was never going to work as an attack on Governor Strickland anyway. That he is able to pull off actual support from a key component of the conservative ideology is a master stroke. These endorsements can be pointed to as clear and convincing evidence that typical “fear the liberals” often bandied about by wingnuts won’t fly with this candidate in this race.

I think now might be a good time for the Kasich camp to give John Kerry a call and hook up with the consultants that got him that key hunting photo opp. If that won’t work maybe Kasich can give his buddy Ken Blackwell – who’s being given a run for his money in campaign #fail – to see about getting a bunch of white peeps out to a shooting range ASAP!

(Full release from the Strickland campaign after the jump)

Buckeye Firearms Association Endorses Governor Ted Strickland in Re-election Bid
Ohio Gun Rights Organization Praises Strickland for Commitment to Gun Owners and Sportsmen

CIRCLEVILLE – On Sunday, the Buckeye Firearms Association endorsed Governor Ted Strickland in his re-election campaign for governor. This is the first endorsement that the organization has made in the general election cycle. At an event at the Pickaway County Sportsman’s Club in Circleville, representatives of the Buckeye Firearms Association outlined the significant differences between Strickland and opponent Congressman John Kasich on Second Amendment issues.

“Whether you are a hunter, sporting shooter, self-defense advocate or a gun owner, you have no stauncher ally than Governor Ted Strickland,” said Buckeye Firearms Association Chairman Jim Irvine. “His consistent, tested and proven support for individual gun rights is second to none.”

Pointing to his record of supporting rights for gun owners and his promotion of sportsmen activities in Ohio, Strickland said he was honored to receive the Buckeye Firearms Association’s endorsement.

“I am deeply honored and humbled by this endorsement,” said Strickland to the attendees in Circleville. “Like many Ohioans, hunting and fishing has always been a way of life for me and my family. From my childhood in Scioto County hunting with my brothers and sisters, and through my life in public service, I have always supported sportsmen in my actions, my lifestyle, and my policies.”

To read more about Strickland’s record: Sportsmen for Strickland