From the daily archives: Monday, July 12, 2010

Some conservatives, and the campaign itself, is crowing about GOP challenger Jim Renacci’s FEC report he filed several days early.  Except, underneath the press releases is a FEC report that has alot of smoke and mirrors.

Roughly one-third of the campaign’s “individual” donations came from the candidate himself… on the last few days of the reporting period.  Rennaci donated $200,000 to his own campaign using the fortune he’s made selling Cash for Clunker calls and running and selling nursing homes dependent on federal entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare.  This, we are told, makes him an ideal candidate for […]

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The Carpetblogger is never a disappointment in Iraqi Minister of Information (aka “Baghdad Bob”) level of political spin.

A month ago, the NRA endorsed Strickland for Governor.  Keeling wrote that’s okay because it doesn’t look like the Buckeye Firearms Association’s “widely read” forums supports the NRA on this endorsement.

Today, what does Keeling say about the Buckeye Firearms Association’s endorsement of Governor Strickland? That’s okay there aren’t that many Second Amendment single-issue voters out there and nobody follows the Buckeye Firearm Association anyway.

Keeling then claims that it’s okay, because the more these endorsements are pushed […]

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Nah. Can’t be! Wingnuts and climate change deniers completely and totally full of bat guano? You don’t say!

An independent report into the leak of hundreds of e-mails from one of the world’s leading climate research centers has largely vindicated the scientists involved, saying they acted honestly and that their research was reliable.

There really never was a story here but today’s news outlets are too damned lazy to figure that out before getting on the sensationalism train. They cater to lunatics like Beck and Limbaugh like kids catching candy at a parade. Toss some bullshit out there […]

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On my sabbatical and things

On July 12, 2010 By

OK, for the two people who’ve been wondering where I’ve been here goes. I don’t normally take a solid month off from the blog. It’s probably my biggest break since starting in 2005. Here’s the deal.

I just returned from a month long sabbatical in which I visited a little known Buddhist temple on the outskirts of a town called Nipinnawasee, California. Between there and Bootjack lies a little mountain on the side of which a temple sits that is inhabited by a little known teacher named Arvis Joen Justi. I was accompanied by his student Adyashanti as we sat […]

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As Modern pointed out earlier, Buckeye Firearms Association was set to join the NRA in endorsing Ted Strickland for Governor over his Republican challenger John “voted for a gun ban” Kasich.

Now it’s official. Ted just got an endorsement from what one Ohio blogger on the right calls “a fantastic conservative organization”. When Matt Naugle thinks the endorsement is correct, you have some serious gun rights issues and some massive trouble with your supposed base.

I’m not sure you can stress how big this is. The NRA and the BFA have both endorsed an incumbent DEMOCRAT for Governor. […]

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