Ohio politics is generally the topic here at Plunderbund (when we aren’t talking about Ohio sports, of course). But a few topics and politicians anger me so much that I can’t help but write about them.

David Vitter is one of those politicians. Mainly because his political views and political actions so often touch on the topics that anger me so much.

David Vitter rails against same-sex marriage for being ‘anti-family’ but he’s been caught sleeping with prostitutes on multiple occasions.

And despite this horribly obscene and contradictory behavior David Vitter has – for reasons I have no fucking way of understanding – been polling well above his Democratic challenger in his upcoming race for reelection.

This fact has continued to depress me for months. And I’ve actually started to avoid reading about this race because doing so tends to bring me down for a good hour if not more.

But this evening I was treated to some of the best news I’ve heard in weeks.

At the very last moment, a former Louisiana Supreme Court Justice announced he was going to run against Vitter in the Republican primary.

It’s early still. And I have no real information about the potential success of this new candidate. But the very fact that someone serious is challenging this lying, cheating dirtbag brings a big smile to my face.

David Vitter is a horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE person who deserves a hell of a lot worse than just a primary election defeat.

But right now I am dreaming about watching him stand on stage with his family giving his concession speech just like Rick Santorum did.

And when his kids are crying on stage I will absolutely not feel bad for them or him or anyone else. (note: they will only be crying because they know that daddy’s job loss means mommy has no reason to stay with her cheating loser husband anymore)

I will only feel happy. Happy for our country and happy for my kids. Happy for all of us knowing that one of the worst of the bad guys was just removed from a position of power.

This is the absolute BEST news to come out of Louisiana in a very, very long time. I really hope the trend continues.