I was planning to be in a comatose state of mourning for about a week after last night’s Lebron James decision, but then Dan Gilbert has to open his mouth.  As a candidate running to represent the region of downtown Cleveland where Gilbert’s Lebron-less businesses will sit, including his constitutionally enshrined right to run his own currency mint…er…I mean casino, I have something to say to Mr. Gilbert, who isn’t even from Cleveland.

Shut up, and go sit on a beach somewhere for about a month.  You need a vacation.  You failed to keep the best basketball player of our time in Cleveland, which means you probably need a break.  I suppose this city is just vulnerable enough at this moment to believe your self-serving, cover my ass, pander, but any Clevelander who believes this line from Gilbert’s pathetic letter really needs mental help.


ROFL.  LMAO.  ETC.  Is that what Gilbert is going to put on the slot machines in his casino downtown?  The Dan Gilbert PERSONAL GUARANTEE.  That, and a buck fifty will get you a cup of coffee, Dan.  Cleveland had its shot at multiple championships, for 7 years with Lebron James, Dan Gilbert was the owner during the majority of that period, and Dan Gilbert wants us all to believe that there is not a drop of accountability on his end.

Sounds like a guy desperately trying to keep the revolving doors spinning at his casino which isn’t even open yet, and which will be the only business he has in Cleveland making any money after he just watched Lebron James leave his other business.  Good thing the Ohio constitution enshrines Gilbert’s other business model.

The fact is, the Cavs had Lebron James before Dan Gilbert bought the team, and they lost Lebron James while Gilbert was owner.  No open letter to fans will change that.  Gilbert hired Mike Brown.  Gilbert signed all the checks.  And in the end, none of it meant Lebron stayed in Cleveland.  That will be hard to live down long term, Mr. Gilbert, notwithstanding your pathetic letter pandering to a heartbroken city in order to keep your butt afloat.

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  • mvirenicus

    no gilbert fan here, but the tone of his letter seems to be supported by a large portion of national sports columnists, pundits and various nba'ers.

    face it, tim. you're a poor judge of character. i've had lebum pegged as an arrogant punk loser since he was drafted. it's a skill i've had as long as i can remember. stick a human beastie in front of me and tell ya what they're all about within a few minutes, if not sooner.

    in regard to lebron, good riddance to bad rubbish. now maybe the city of cleveland can move on to more important matters.

  • adrienne

    Agreed. He let LeBron and his friends walk all over him. Now, he's mad because LeBron left without permission. Sorry, too bad. It is upsetting that LeBron is leaving but this is a business decision. Gilbert should understand that. Gilbert is not LeBron's daddy. He doesn't have to ask to go.

  • brian

    Delusional! It seems to be the Modus Operendi of our times.

  • BJ

    I wish LeBron well. Gilbert does not own LeBron and he has free will. I am very grateful to Lebron for taking Cleveland to the places he did. People are still talking about us. I hope that he does get that championship. He is a ballplayer and loves the game. With all his hardwork he deserves a championship. Cleveland has a great new coach and he is going to take us to a championship as well.

  • BJ

    Jealousy will get you no where

  • nikki

    I worked for the Dan Gilbert mortgage operation for 9 miserable months. Let me tell you that no one EVER says no to him, and he has never been wrong in his life. He is acting like a 10 year old girl who didn't get what she wanted. He is pathetic. And I don't like LeBron

  • mvirenicus

    yeah, people are still talking about what a pit cleveland is, primarily because its inhabitants don't have anything better to talk about than sports and how much beer they're gonna drink tonight.

  • mvirenicus

    lebron sucks. the cavs suck. cleveland sucks. yeah, i'm really jealous.

  • Mikekatz40

    Gilbert's pathetic and childish rant make it so much easier to stomach the failure of the Cavs to secure LeBron. I cannot believe that this is actually a grown man crying like such a baby, let alone a team owner. Who'd ever want to play for this loser??? I know nothing about the Heat ownership but I can assure you Lebron is thrilled he doesn't have to deal with such a pathetic character anymore.

  • mvirenicus

    i'm glad we here in cleveland don't have to deal with the clown prince anymore. i'll probably go to some cavs games next year, and that's something i haven't done since the richfield coliseum days. lol never liked lebron. nope. knew he was a punk from the word go. and i hear every waitress between cleveland and akron is shouting for joy at his departure since he didn't know the meaning of the word tip. cheap loser punk. that's all he is. bye bye lebron!

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