Matt Naugle rushes to declare, even before LeBron’s announcement, that Ted Strickland “loves the income tax” more than the Cavs.

What will liberals think of LeBron James for skirting his civic responsibility by leaving Cleveland? Doesn’t he know that Cuyahoga County, with some of the highest property taxes anywhere, along with one of the worst tax climates in the country, we need him here to pay for state services?

Actually, Naugle cites a CNBC story that uses numbers from the conservative anti-progressive tax “think” tank, the Tax Foundation, that claims that when you factor in the income tax implications, LeBron would make more in Miami.

Except, amazingly, the Tax Foundation’s numbers are wrong.  It fails to take into account the numerous other taxes that LeBron would pay in Florida at higher rates than he does in Ohio.  Enough to erase any benefit he gets from Florida’s no-income tax.  Let’s also remember that it Wade and Bosh that might be bringing him to Miami, not the lack of an income tax.

If a state’s income tax prevented teams from getting the top talent, then the New York Yankees and the L.A. Lakers wouldn’t be the high-payroll teams that they are.

Oh, and Naugle, LeBron lives in Summit County, not Cleveland.

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