From the daily archives: Wednesday, July 7, 2010

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the special bipartisan panel convened to work on a bipartisan plan to solve what has been projected to be a potential $8 billion deficit (if the economy doesn’t pick up enough to generate more revenues and the federal government does not continue to give stimulus aid to the States next year) heard testimony from a national expert from the bipartisan National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL).

The NCSL is an organization in which state legislators, from all parties, exchange policy ideas and conduct objective research on a variety of state […]

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Coming off the heels of announcing a major investment in expanding broadband access throughout Ohio, Governor Ted Strickland and AT&T announce a $120 million investment in constructing a new mobility data center in Stow.

From the press release:

Ohio’s strong business climate and tax structure makes it easier for companies like AT&T to grow its business here today, and our regulatory reform through Ohio’s telecom bill will help us attract investments of the future,” Strickland said. “I want to thank AT&T for its partnership and commitment to laying a solid foundation for prosperity in Akron.”

The center is an integral […]

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Tim’s right.  The RGA’s ad is laughable.

You know why NCR left Dayton?  Because by the time Ted Strickland became Governor, NCR had already moved most of its operations out of Ohio during the Republican Administrations of Voinovich and Taft.  When Ted became Governor, the only thing left in Dayton of NCR was its symbolic HQ.  A new CEO from Wall Street came in and said, hey, why do we have our HQ (where the CEO doesn’t even work) in Ohio when everything it manages is in Georgia?

According to this January story in the New York Times, […]

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Yesterday, according to Columbus Business First, Governor Strickland announced that the State of Ohio has been awarded $30 million to improve broadband access in 28 western counties:

Gov. Ted Strickland said the funding will support the construction of 700 miles of high-capacity fiber to rural and underserved communities in 28 western counties. More than 300 jobs could be created as a result of the project.

The consortium is tied to the Ohio Academic Resources Network, the technology arm of the University System of Ohio.

In related news, broadband use in Ohio has been growing […]

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There’s a new RGA ad, and it tries to blame Ted Strickland for every job lost in Ohio in the last four years, beginning with NCR in Dayton.  I’ll give the RGA credit for putting its finger on the existential issue of this campaign.  That issue is the utter failure of Republican economic dogma over the last 30 years.

The economy we live with in Ohio is not a result of whoever has been governor the last four years.  It is the full flowering of every economic philosophy ever advocated by every single Republican in American politics […]

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If you want to know what kind of books get listed on the New York Times Best Sellers Advice list you only need to look at the books that have been on the list the longest. It’s usually a mish-mash of jesusy, self-help, pseudoscience, failure/divorce/cancer-is-my-friend, get-rich-quick bullshit. And this week is no exception.

Warren Buffet’s unknown son has had a book on the list for 4 weeks that supposedly “discusses the need to forge your own path in life”. I’m guessing his advice involves using your father’s famous name to help sell your self help books instead of actually […]

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