Kasich campaign intern Colton Henson’s Twitter feed is the blogging gift that just keeps giving:


Colton Henson, the Kasich campaign intern caught granting interviews to the Ohio media as he protested Gov. Strickland without disclosing his ties to the campaign (or its direction to send him there with Kasich’s former PAC’s aide, a campaign political consultant, and the ORP’s Strickland campaign tracker) announced, on his Twitter page, that he “is a private citizen.”

Never before have I seen the graphics on a Twitter page so glaringly contradict the message of a Tweet before that it hurt my head just looking at it.

Perhaps is Colton Henson’s attempt to claim he’s just a private citizen would come off slightly more sincere if he didn’t have John Kasich adorning his Twitter page like a Twilight’s fan junior high locker.    Or if in the “About Me” section of his Twitter page he didn’t boast that he was:

Working to elect John Kasich governor of Ohio.”

Maybe if he did that, and didn’t go to his boss’ opponent press event and pass himself off as a protestor and grant interviews to the Ohio press pool, then I would say Colton Henson is just a private citizen.


But once you pass yourself off to the media as just “some guy” who’s upset with Strickland and willfully fail to disclose that you and everyone you were protesting with was, in fact, affiliated with the Kasich campaign, someone else is going to catch your B.S. and call you out on it.  You can’t flutter in and out of the limelight as you please.

Colton Henson went from craving the media spotlight to shunning it in hours simply because I pointed out he was a Kasich campaign intern.

This is not Henson’s first foray into astroturfing, either.  He’s been warned that he was playing with fire when he was caught concern trolling at the Strickland campaign’s Facebook page.

Heck, we even warned him about the dangers of astroturfing when we caught him here doing it last year!

Now, I don’t blame Colton Henson… solely.  The point is that he didn’t go there, put himself in front of those camera and present himself to the media on his own decision.  The campaign sent him and several others to generate a counter news story within the coverage of Strickland’s press.  The real culprit of astroturfing, just like they were with their inflated online donations, is the Kasich campaign itself.  They wanted a substory in Strickland’s coverage today about people protesting Strickland’s leadership, so they sent people from the campaign to manufacture it.

If John Kasich had any honor, he’d have his campaign take the blame for this disastrous attempt at political espionage, and not Colton Henson who was just following orders.

Not that Henson is a blameless person.  He’s been more than happy to engage in attempt after attempt of astroturfing for the Kasich campaign, but he’s just an eager young kid who doesn’t know any better.  A serious campaign for Governor, however, should.

Then again, a serious candidate for Governor would try to offer some plan on how the State can lose nearly half its source of revenues and still balance its budget.

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