You can watch it live at the Strickland-Brown campaign website here…. and you know I’ll write a reaction piece later to give you the Cliff’s Notes version.

Is Ted announcing that LeBron is staying in Cleveland, and that LeBron is endorsing his campaign?  No.  (Or at least, not yet.)

I think it’s time we start hearing the campaign talking about not only the things that Ted has done as Governor, but comparing those to Kasich’s out-of-touch with mainstream Ohio’s values record in Congress.

In other words, I expect it will building on the foundation that Strickland started in his first major speech.  The media last time overemphasized the amount paid to Lehman Brothers and actually overlooked that his speech was much more broader than that.  Strickland spent a good part of his speech last time talking about his record, about education reform.  None of it was reported.  Even worse, some reports erroneously claimed that Strickland didn’t talk about his record at all.

We’ll see if the reporting on this speech is any better.  After all, Joe Hallett complained on Sunday that we haven’t heard anything on the issues from the candidates.  Will he reward the Strickland campaign if they deliver something more substantive than LeBron and chicken shack?

Will the Kasich campaign continue to complain about the Strickland campaign convincing the media to cover the race as a “choice” election between Strickland and Kasich as opposed to the substance-free “referendum” election that allows Kasich to be a cheerleader for failure at the sidelines as opposed to being a leader that must present a vision for the future?

In other words, is the Pope Catholic?  Does the Carpetblogger hail from Virginia?

Stay tuned…