From the daily archives: Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Can someone remind me again why stubbornliberal isn’t posting here at Plunderbund yet?

She beats us to the punch on lots of local and national stories and some that are just plain great like this recent poll of 238 presidential scholars who ranked the US Presidents in order by “greatness”…

#1: Franklin D. Roosevelt (of course)
#15: Barack Obama
#39: George W. Bush

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The Carpetblogger continues to tweet how unimportant today’s speech by Governor Ted Strickland was.  It marks, by a conservative measure, nearly two dozen tweets today alone by Keeling solely about how unimportant today’s speech was.

That doesn’t count the tweets he wrote before today preemptively saying how unimportant the speech was.

Nor does it count the nearly half of dozen Kasich campaign operatives who also tweeted about how unimportant today’s speech… before going down to the speech to pose as ordinary “private citizens” protesting the Governor so that they could get Kasich campaign talking […]

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The Washington Post’s editorial board writer Stephen Stromberg points out some problems with Portman’s anti-“cap and trade” ad he released today.

And by “some problems” I mean it’s full of crap.

His plan relies on “support” — read: subsidies and other government interventions — for things that he likes — corn ethanol, nuclear power, natural gas, coal.

Some of these things might become an essential part of weaning the country off fossil fuels. Or not. We don’t really know, and that’s the point of cap-and-trade and other carbon pricing proposals — take the decisions regarding which green […]

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Kasich campaign intern Colton Henson’s Twitter feed is the blogging gift that just keeps giving:

Colton Henson, the Kasich campaign intern caught granting interviews to the Ohio media as he protested Gov. Strickland without disclosing his ties to the campaign (or its direction to send him there with Kasich’s former PAC’s aide, a campaign political consultant, and the ORP’s Strickland campaign tracker) announced, on his Twitter page, that he “is a private citizen.”

Never before have I seen the graphics on a Twitter page so glaringly contradict the message of a Tweet before that it hurt my head […]

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From the Columbus Dispatch:

Outside the speech, a protester who said he was an Ohio State student but would only identify himself as “Colton” complained that party officials tried to confiscate his yellow “failure” signs referring to the loss of jobs on Strickland’s watch.

Colton Henson’s Twitter account establishes that he is a Kasich campaign intern.

Colton works for … John Kasich, and his brother works for the Ohio Republican Party as a videographer, also known as a “tracker.”  And Colton allowed himself to be interviewed as a protestor without ever disclosing that he […]

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Apparently, 3 Kasich “protestors” were driven to Ted’s speech today by some ORP staffer and a guy with a camera, carrying the sign on the right.  The sign on the left greeted them.  Might wanna work a little harder on your protest signs, fellas.

UPDATE:  It gets hilariously astroturfy.

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Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down” must be the official campaign theme song for the Strickland-Brown campaign.  Yet, again, Strickland enters to it.

Strickland starts off with former OSU defensive back “Wrong Way” Jim Marshall:

“For four years, we’ve invested in our people.  For four years, we’ve worked to develop jobs that cannot be outsourced.  We’ve moved Ohio for a solid foundation that will support our great middle class.”

“Like Jim Marshall, it doesn’t matter how fast [John Kasich] moves, he wants to move us in the wrong direction.”

Strickland says we made Ohio on of the first in the nation […]

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Rob Portman is hitting the airwaves with this new ad opposing cap-and-trade.

It’s an interesting move in that given most of the electorate (including, purportedly, nearly half of Ohio Republicans) don’t know Portman, I’m surprised he didn’t start off with a soft biographical spot.

The ad really is pretty good.  No distracting visuals.  A crisp, clear message that is well delivered whatever you think of its merits.  It’s a substantive ad that avoids even mentioning Fisher and doesn’t even come off as a negative ad.

Portman’s clearly banking that no viewer will go to his campaign website and read his […]

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You can watch it live at the Strickland-Brown campaign website here…. and you know I’ll write a reaction piece later to give you the Cliff’s Notes version.

Is Ted announcing that LeBron is staying in Cleveland, and that LeBron is endorsing his campaign?  No.  (Or at least, not yet.)

I think it’s time we start hearing the campaign talking about not only the things that Ted has done as Governor, but comparing those to Kasich’s out-of-touch with mainstream Ohio’s values record in Congress.

In other words, I expect it will building on the foundation that Strickland started in […]

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Leave it to Michael Steele to get me to start writing a coherent blog post again.  Here’s what I wrote after Barack’s speech announcing the escalation in Afghanistan.

The most important takeaway for me is that next summer will be the hottest in Afghanistan since the war began. The new troops will all have arrived, and a spring offensive will certainly be coming from the Taliban. That means this strategy will succeed or fail by the end of 2010.

I expect it will succeed.

We have arrived at “next summer” and June was the deadliest month in the entire […]

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