So I’m watching this video that Modern posted yesterday of Colbert asking Kasich about the gay marriage issue in Ohio in 2004… Kasich responds: “I don’t think that was a big issue” and I’m sitting here wondering: what the fuck is he talking about?!

I didn’t even live in Ohio in 2004 and even I know that the anti-same sex marriage ballot initiative was one of, if not THE biggest issue that year. It was the issue that drove voter turnout in southern Ohio and won George Bush the state.

Then-ORP chairman Bennett completely admitted this fact in a NY Times article:

“I’d be naïve if I didn’t say it helped,” said Robert T. Bennett, chairman of the Ohio Republican Party. “And it helped most in what we refer to as the Bible Belt area of southeastern and southwestern Ohio, where we had the largest percentage increase in support for the president.”

It’s one thing not to know about local sports teams and the importance of their key players. Sure it makes you a pretty sorry candidate and basically eliminates any chance you have of connecting with a large portion of sports-loving voters. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a bad Governor.

It is, however, an entirely different matter when you are a politician running for the top leadership position in the state while having absolutely zero fucking clue about something as important as recent state constitutional amendments.

This is very basic and very important stuff. This is not some obscure change to the Board of Cosmetology’s licensing criteria. Or even a semi-important change to the Ohio Revised Code.

This was a change to the Ohio Constitution – a change resulting from a ballot measure that EVERYONE was following. A ballot measure that increased conservative voter turnout by nearly 4% in some counties.

Jeez, man. Even the NEW YORK TIMES was covering this issue. And you don’t know about it?

If you were 28 and acting like you don’t know or care about the past might come across as cool and hip and new and fresh. It might seem like you want to bring change to Ohio politics. New Blood. All that.

But at 58 seems it just seems like you are out-of-touch and lazy and uninterested in the what’s really going on.

You spent 18 years in congress, John. It’s a little late for you to be running as a political outsider.