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John Kasich
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(Start at 1:10, ends at 2:15, can’t figure out how to splice it for you, sorry)

Colbert: No gay marriage… (Kasich laughs)  Right?  You’re from Ohio, made a big difference in the election in 2004, right?

Kasich:  Ah… I don’t think so. No, I don’t think that was a big issue…

Colbert: Come on.

Kasich: You know what I think the big issue was, what the big problem was… John Kerry went wind surfing  and George Bush was, you know, riding a bicycle and cutting wood.  And in Ohio, we’re not that big on wind surfing out there.

The Cincinnati Reds are playing at home in a series against intra-division rival the Chicago Cubs as the Reds sit on a one-game lead in the NL Central.

LeBron hold court in Cleveland to meet his suitors as he ponders his free agency.

So what Heartland-values, American sport does John Kasich tweet about to kickoff the Fourth of July weekend?


A British tennis tournament….

Tennis, anyone?

  • Anastasjoy

    Kasich is way out of touch. Someone bring him up here to Cleveland and show him the wind surfers. It's an extremely popular sport, especially with younger people. Cutting wood? Not so much. And Bush's actual “sport” is golf, which is a lot more “elitist” than wind surfing. Also, I have wind surfed, but I have never been golfing.

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