Apparently, PPP had a few more nuggets in their polling they decided to dump out today:

  • Sherrod Brown’s approval is on the rise (although PPP has it substantially lower than Quinnipiac showed it) with an eleven point swing in his favor since March and leads against a generic Republican for 2012.  PPP attributes this to Brown improving his standing with independents.
  • Mike DeWine has a slight lead of 44% to 41% in the AG’s race.  However, voters are almost equally divided between having a favorable, unfavorable, and not knowing enough to form an opinion over DeWine.  (This is the first non-campaign poll in the race released.  In February, Mike DeWine’s campaign claimed to have an unlikely eighteen point lead.  The poll was done by Public Opinion Strategies…. yes, it was a P.O.S. poll)
  • There is no statistically significant advantage between the parties in the Ohio generic congressional ballot.  The Republicans do better with independents, but, again, where’s the tide?
  • While Ohioans have a net negative twenty-five disapproval rating (33-58)with Ohioans, Republicans have an even larger FOURTY-FOUR  point net disapproval rating (20-64).  Ohioans hate John Boehner and don’t want him to be the next Speaker.

Why is anyone polling for 2012 now, though?