The very first thing you see when you go to John Kasich’s website is an appeal to help “Stop Ted Strickland. Stop Obama.” And right under that strange statement you’ll see – surprise! – a “donate” link accompanied by a counter showing how much money has been raised so far.

It’s not really clear what Kasich means when he says he wants to stop Strickland and Obama. But I’m sure whatever it is the Dems are supposedly doing – whatever horrible, anti-American, liberal-elite, Chicago-style politics thing they are doing – it probably involves black gay people trying to take away your guns.

I guess if you hate Obama you are supposed to hate Ted.

I often get lost in the strange equations Republicans try to make (Kagan = Marshall, Obama = Pansy and/or Obama = Thug and/or Obama = Hitler ) but, at the end of the day, it hardly matters.

The fundraising ad on Kasich’s site actually has absolutely nothing to do with Ted or Barack or anyone else on the Dem side. And it has everything to do with John Kasich. More importantly, it has to do with John Kasich raising money.

Money is a big deal in any campaign. Money gives campaigns options. And it also gives campaigns credibility.

Everyone loves a winner.

And if you are raising tons of cash then obviously you are a winner. When you’re a winner everyone wants to jump on board and give you more cash.

The problem is: how do you start with nothing and still seem like a winner?

The answer: pretend like you aren’t starting with nothing.

And so we come back to Kasich’s website and the fundraising campaign they are currently conducting. And the strange code that seems to be inflating the total amount of the contributions that are actually coming in.

Here’s the result of the code that shows the total amount raised…

Here’s the output of the code that seems to add $5K to that total (why???)…

And here’s the page you’ll see when you go to the site…

Total = 22707

Total = Total + 5000

Total = 27707

I’m sure there isn’t any law being broken here. And this certainly isn’t something I expect to read in the papers. But if this is actually happening – if the Kasich campaign is lying to it’s own supporters about the campaign’s fundraising numbers in order to get more money from donors – then it is certainly something those supporters ought to know.