Earlier today, Jon Keeling tried to stoke anger among gun owners by hyping a story that the Ohio Democratic Party attempted to get the address of CCW permit holders likely to contact them and tell them about Democrats who support CCW issues like Governor Ted Strickland:

If there is one constituency that doesn’t like having their rights trampled upon, it’s supporters of the 2nd amendment.

And yet, that’s exactly what Strickland’s Ohio Democratic Party tried to do.

It’s bad enough that the ODP tried to skirt the privacy rights of Ohio’s gun owners.

Wow…. that’s pretty harsh language for someone making a public records request, realizing what they’re asking for is not a public record, then quickly rescinding the request.  Somehow that equates to an attempt to “skirt the privacy rights of Ohio’s gun owners.”

Matt Hurley at WMD tried to get in on the stoking the overreaction action:

One has to wonder what our friends in the Buckeye Firearms Association think of this…

Yes, one has to wonder what the Buckeye Firearms Association members think of this…. Well, what did they say in response?

Both parties desperately competing for the support of gun owners?
I think that’s a healthy sign.

Are the Republicans “desperately competing” for our vote? I don’t see the evidence of that!

Kasich will tell us in the MOST GENERAL terms that he “supports” the 2nd Amendment without expressing his views on conceal carry in particular and I have absolutely no confidence in the fact that he won’t stab us in the back again like he did in ’94 when it was politically “expedient!” to throw our 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms out the window so he could get something he wanted. :roll:


i gotta agree w/ PX4 on this one, i mean, you can’t say the ORP has made any overtures to rally gun rights supporters. in fact, putting dewhine up for AG has a big chilling affect, which is stupid of them!

Vote for the man, not the party. The Ohio GOP needs to be shaken out as much as the Democrats do.
I don’t have any faith in Kasich or DeWine…I figure that we’ll experience “Taft Revisted”.

Regarding the other offices, AG, I am voting for Richard Cordrey. I don’t like where he stands on the issues for health care repeal, but he has shown himself to be a reasonable person when it comes to gun rights. DeWine will NEVER get my vote because of his abysmal record in this department I don’t believe for a second he has changed anymore than a leopard can change his spots.

Regarding Kasich, please don’t be so quick to say you don’t have a choice. We may not like some of the things Strickland stands for, but on gun rights it is clear. I would say the BFA should contact Kasich and get straight answers to hard questions from him and if he wants to do the slick Willie dance and not answer them then people should not vote for him and if they can’t bring themselves to vote for a Democrat then either don’t vote or vote for a 3rd party person assuming one is on the ballot.

Yeah, I couldn’t find a single comment from a single person on the forum of the Buckeye Firearm Association that was upset that ODP wanted to contact CCW permit holders to inform them on Democrats and gun issues.


Apparently, Jon Keeling, John Kasich’s Internet mouthpiece, must think that gun owners are tin-foil hat conspiracy nuts who can be easily duped into becoming outraged at overblown allegations of government conspiracies against gun owners.

Shame on him and Matt Hurley for thinking so little of gun owners.

This just shows you how badly the Kasich campaign is looking for something, anything, to make Ted Strickland look bad to gun owners.  Instead, they just keep reminding gun owners who has the best record on their issue. 

EPIC FAIL, Keeling.