From the daily archives: Thursday, July 1, 2010

The very first thing you see when you go to John Kasich’s website is an appeal to help “Stop Ted Strickland. Stop Obama.” And right under that strange statement you’ll see – surprise! – a “donate” link accompanied by a counter showing how much money has been raised so far.

It’s not really clear what Kasich means when he says he wants to stop Strickland and Obama. But I’m sure whatever it is the Dems are supposedly doing – whatever horrible, anti-American, liberal-elite, Chicago-style politics thing they are doing – it probably involves black gay people trying to take away […]

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Earlier today, Jon Keeling tried to stoke anger among gun owners by hyping a story that the Ohio Democratic Party attempted to get the address of CCW permit holders likely to contact them and tell them about Democrats who support CCW issues like Governor Ted Strickland:

If there is one constituency that doesn’t like having their rights trampled upon, it’s supporters of the 2nd amendment.

And yet, that’s exactly what Strickland’s Ohio Democratic Party tried to do.

It’s bad enough that the ODP tried to skirt the privacy rights of Ohio’s gun owners.

Wow…. that’s pretty […]

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The Dayton Daily News reports that the State ended its fiscal year last year with a $139 million surplus.  The State also cut spending around half a billion less than what was budgeted.

Somewhere, John Kasich is kicking something.

[Update:]  Jon Keeling likes to complain that Strickland supporters and the campaign refuses to talk about Strickland’s record.  However, I’ve pointed out that for the last four years, Governor Strickland has worked in  a bipartisan fashion to responsibly cut spending to keep the budget in balance, cut taxes in a reasonable manner, all while investing in the most important […]

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The Dayton Daily News reports that the City of Dayton is under consideration to produce the first FAA-approved flying car.

Suck it, Wright Brothers.

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Actually mocks his Republican primary opponent for his rational to oppose gay marriage.

I have to admit.  I watched this and wondered, is this really an ad running in a GOP primary?  No demon sheep?  No guns?

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Apparently, PPP had a few more nuggets in their polling they decided to dump out today:

Sherrod Brown’s approval is on the rise (although PPP has it substantially lower than Quinnipiac showed it) with an eleven point swing in his favor since March and leads against a generic Republican for 2012.  PPP attributes this to Brown improving his standing with independents. Mike DeWine has a slight lead of 44% to 41% in the AG’s race.  However, voters are almost equally divided between having a favorable, unfavorable, and not knowing enough to form an opinion over DeWine.  […]

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In the background as I filled out my Cleveland Stonewall Democrats endorsement questionnaire was Barack giving his speech today on immigration reform.  It reminded me of his Philadelphia speech on race during the campaign.  No applause interruptions, because it was weighty.  He finished by quoting Emma Lazarus’ poem on the Statue of Liberty. Like the race speech, this one will be quoted in history books.

The political calculation to emphasize immigration reform in this mid-term election is risky, but I think a good idea for Barack and for Democrats.  Nothing repulses independent voters than the way Republicans let their […]

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For over a year, we’ve been told that there’s this massive pro-GOP tide ready to come crashing down on Democrats come November.  Where is it?  Seriously.

We’re four months out of the election.  At what point does this “GOP tsunami” start showing the top of the GOP’s ticket leading in Ohio?  Because in our last tide election, 2006, the party that allegedly had the wind to its back was leading in the Governor’s race and Senate race by double digits by now.

The media is so bought into this narrative they’ve utterly failed to note the substantial evidence that contradicts […]

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