PPP also shows Fisher with a statistically insignificant lead in a race that voters just have not engaged due to the overwhelming media (free and paid) coverage going to the gubernatorial race.

Fisher’s seven-point improvement since March comes as 14% of Republicans support Fisher.  Yeah, I did a spit take, too, when I read that.

PPP says that Republicans simply haven’t warmed up to Portman, something that the Quinny data seems to confirm.  However, PPP has party support for both candidates substantially lower (nearly twenty) than what Quinny showed this morning.

PPP also notes that Democrats are just wild about Fisher.  Really.

GOP voters simply aren’t that enthused about Portman yet. His favorability with them is less than a 2:1 postive ratio at 33/17. In contrast Fisher sports almost a 4:1 positive favorability within his own party at 47/13.

The PPP also puts the “don’t know” these guys substantially lower than what Quinnpiac, with Fisher being the first Senate candidate to get below 50% in this “don’t know about” category.

Bad news for Portman? 

59% of voters say they have more faith in Columbus politicians (a group Fisher falls into) to deal with Ohio’s problems to just 15% who say their greater trust goes to Washington politicians.

Rob Portman’s nickname is “Mr. Washington.”

Bad news for Fisher?

A possible detriment to Fisher’s prospects though is how Ohio voters feel about President Obama. His approval in the state is only 42%, with 54% disapproving of him.

Except that Obama’s numbers in Ohio, according to PPP, are improving.  And Quinnipiac says that Ohioans are split on whether they want a Senator who generally opposes or supports Obama’s agenda.  Taken into consideration, that’s not much of a liability, especially compared to be “Mr. Washington.”

Actually, I disagree with PPP, I think the real risk to Fisher is losing 40%-25% with Independents and his standing relies on GOP support that is likely to go home on Election Day.  The good news that Independents are a largely undecided group, though.

Portman can’t rely on support for Voinvoich, PPP claims Voinovich has an approval rating (22%)–half of what Quinny shows – and substantially worse than Obama’s.  (Worse yet, PPP suggests that the Ohio Republican Party’s “Republican of the Year” is poison to get Republicans to support Portman.)

With two polls by PPP, we see within one polling organization the same trend we’ve seen throughout all polling (even in Rasmussen):  the political environment in Ohio is highly competitive but is starting to significantly improve for the Democrats.  I think that’s the best we could have expected for this early summer period.

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