In a blog post written by a Toledo talk radio host for Fox News, John Kasich gets the worst lede imaginable:

If you were to stop folks on the street in downtown Cleveland today, you would find that most people are much more interested in the future of the Cavalier’s star forward LeBron James than in who might be Ohio’s future governor.

Brian Wilson takes about five paragraphs to then put on the usual Fox News b.s.:

Pleased unions then spent millions on ads that hammered Kasich for his post-Congressional, private sector work for Lehman Brothers. Surprisingly, those ads didn’t seem to have much impact.

“When somebody spends $3 million trashing you,” Kasich chuckled, “You kind of expect it to have a big effect — and it hasn’t.

75% of Kasich’s unfavorability ratings came within the past month and half.  His unfavorability has DOUBLED in that time.  One of the few polls that showed Kasich ahead… now shows him tied.  Another poll shows him under water with his favorability ratings.  Yep, nothing to see here.

When John Kasich cannot even get a local talk radio host write a blog post on FOX NEWS that doesn’t remind people of Kasich’s gaffe, you’ve lost.    Game over, man.

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