Let’s get this straight.  Kasich has spent the entire year promoting an income tax plan he has no plans to pay for…  He’s all but said that a TEN YEAR timetable for his own income tax may be too ambitious.  On Sunday, Kasich is quoted as saying he wants to be a one-term Governor who cannot wait to get back to the corporate boardrooms and NYC Fox News studios.

First, I question the wisdom of Kasich announcing that he has no intention of ever facing the voters as Governor.  Second, if Kasich has a plan that he explicitly believes would make him politically unelectable, so much that he has little to no attention of running for re-election if he wins, then doesn’t that increase the right of Ohioans to know what the hell this plan is?

Apparently, I’ve been too lenient in my criticisms of Kasich’s tax plan because I’ve always factored in the Kasich was presuming at least two terms in which he could administer it.

But apparently, Kasich can only be counted on for the first four-years of implementing his own income and estate tax repeals that will take over ten years to implement.

So what does the Carpetblogger write in response of this revelation?

He writes a post praising Kasich for not kicking the tough choices down the road…

Seriously?  The entire Kasich campaign is about kicking everything down the road.  He kicks down the road any promise to reveal what he plans to do as Governor.  He proposes a massive tax repeal that he kicks down the actual challenge of paying for to the next one or two Governors that would succeed him.  On top of that, Kasich is coming into this race openly declaring that he has little chances of facing the voters verdict if he’s Governor.

Ohio doesn’t need Lehman Brothers’ brand of irresponsibility in the Governor’s office.