With friends like Joe Hallett in the media, John Kasich doesn’t need enemies.  Apparently, Joe Hallett didn’t think that last week was enough of a public relations disaster for John Kasich, so he decided to write about a choice quote Kasich made in October:

"I just want to fix the state and get the heck out of this as soon as I can," Kasich, the 58-year-old former managing director for now-defunct Lehman Brothers, told me in October. He said he’d be happy to return to the business sector and, possibly, resume his gig as an on-air personality for Fox News.

“Get the heck out of this?”  What does Kasich mean by this?  And for a guy claiming he wants to fix the State and doesn’t care about how his plan may hurt him politically, he’s bloodly silent in showing any evidence that he has, in fact, any plan.

Back in October of last year, John Kasich was already pining to returning to Wall Street boardrooms and Fox News’s NYC studios.  Imagine what he thinks now?

I know that Kasich is trying to create an image of a modern-day Cincinnatus, but the ancient Roman dictator didn’t spend three years campaigning to be dictator before becoming one, he actually had to be drafted.  Kasich was running for Governor for about as long as Governor Strickland has been Governor.

Kasich also told Hallett (back in October?) that he has no desire to run for President.  Except that before he decided to run for Governor, he expressly told the New York Observer just the opposite:

In 2008, Mr. Kasich thinks he will be tanned, rested and ready, and having done his time on Wall Street-having finally rubbed up close against all those big-money guys-he just might be able to scrape together enough cash to make a meaningful run at it.

"If I can fix my fund-raising problems, I will run again," he says.

Even Hallett could hide his belief that Kasich was just feeding him John Kasich’s trademarked brand of political b.s.:

All of this could be trademark Kasich bravado, a pile of self-serving hooey.

Then Hallett delivers a line that is destined to be featured in targeted mailings (no pun intended) and other paid media:

During 18 years in Congress, he thumbed his nose at the National Rifle Association.

John Kasich’s entirely political career is one of unbridled ambition frustrated by, as the national pundits put it in 2000, an utter lack of gravitas.

If history is an accurate indicator of the future, Kasich is running for Governor because he wants to run for President.  That’s why he’s not interested in talking about being in office two terms.   That’s why his campaign right now is running a web ad against… President Barack Obama, and not Governor Strickland.

John Kasich wants a White House contender comeback.  He wants to be his childhood idol, Richard Nixon, written off to work in the corporate world before emerging back bigger than ever.

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