I’ve always argued that blogging is, in fact, work, and now I know that’s true, because when you have other work to do, you don’t blog.  But I’ve been paying attention, have a brief interlude in which to blog, and I have a pronouncement to make about John Kasich’s campaign.

The Kasich campaign is a total joke. It’s approaching Ken Blackwell territory, and it’s not even July 4 yet.  Chris Redfern probably can’t believe his luck – Kasich was a flawed candidate to begin with, and now, after about two solid weeks of self immolation, Kasich has given ODP all it needs to win up and down the entire ticket.

Let’s start with the Lebron James stuff.  The entire country is begging Lebron James to come to their city.  If Lebron leaves Cleveland, there will be hundreds, maybe thousands, of lost jobs.  In the last decade, it is hard to argue that any single person has had this much positive economic impact on a major American city than Lebron James has had on Cleveland.  And every Ohioan with a pulse is tuned to the latest rumor about where Lebron may end up, praying novenas, fondling rosaries, kneeling on prayer rugs, davening toward the Wailing Wall, rubbing Buddah bellies, imploring whatever god they pray to that Lebron goes nowhere.

John Kasich put himself squarely against every single Ohioan with his Lebron insanity.  I can’t believe that anyone hasn’t said this yet, but I think Kasich’s instinct was to appeal to the anti-urban, racist wing of the Tea Party, which Kasich has been prostrate before for the last 2 years.  It drives the worst of the worst teabaggers crazy that this much power, let alone any power at all, lies in the hands of a single young black man, that an entire country is hanging on his decisions.  Sound familiar?  Well, that’s who Kasich was pandering to by proudly proclaiming that he won’t be “begging” this young black man for anything, even though the young black man in question has the future of an entire Ohio city in the palm of his hand.

But then Kasich turns around and tells southern Ohioans they’re a bunch of hicks!  You can’t make this stuff up.  Kasich can’t decide whether he’s a teabagging racist or an urban elitist.  All while on some idiotic book tour about how pious he is.  Well, whoop de freakin’ do.  Meanwhile, Lehman Brothers continues to haunt Kasich, Kasich still refuses to say Word One about how he’ll pay for his reckless tax “plan”, we still don’t know how much money Kasich got from Lehman, and did I mention the economy is starting to perk up a recognizable, independent-voter influencing, notch?

Unless something very drastic happens to Ted Strickland, I think we’re headed toward Ken Blackwell territory here.  And once the Ohio GOP realizes that, the long knives will start getting sharpened, their ticket will become every man for himself, because they will all be staring at the fate of being redistricted into oblivion for a decade.  That tends to take the lid off of things.

It has been great fun to watch already, and it’s only gonna get better.

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