So, I just noticed in that New York Observer story I linked to mentioned that John Kasich “was thrown off the stage at a Grateful Dead Concert.”  And I thought, finally, Kasich has a moment of cool?

Um, nope, he was a dick even at a Grateful Dead concert…

According to the June 21, 1991 story in the Washington Post that detailed the whole story “The Night of the Livid Dead; Congressman Booted Offstage,” Kasich tried to make a power play on the Grateful Dead.

As the Ohio Republican was being urged off the stage, a witness reports, he was considerate enough to yell out his name several times, so those who didn’t recognize him would know that he was a congressman.

When that didn’t seem to sway the Grateful Dead’s tour manager, who was trying to expedite Kasich’s departure, the witness said the congressman suggested he could prevent the group from ever playing in this town again.

Kasich says that following Yoakam’s show, he accompanied the country singer to his dressing room. It was only after an hour, says Kasich, that he asked Yoakam’s people if he could go back onstage for the Dead. He says he was told he could.

But when Kasich got there, Sears told him that he needed to leave the area. At this point, say sources, Kasich began yelling at Sears. Kasich says if it appeared that he was yelling, it was only because the music was very loud.

After a tense few minutes, Kasich finally left the stage.

"Everyone backstage was talking about it," says one woman who was backstage but did not see the encounter.

Sears was apparently upset by the confrontation, and asked others backstage if they were familiar with Kasich.

"We knew he couldn’t stop us from coming to Washington again — but it was uncomfortable," said a source associated with the band. "This guy really had some problem — it was really unfortunate."

John Kasich tried to get up in Jerry’s mojo…and then he tried the “do you know who I am?” and “you’ll never play in this town again!” cards.  Wow.

Who knew that Matt Naugle and Jon Keeling supported a right-wing, anti-gun hippie?  In other news, there are right-wing hippies who like the music, but apparently can’t hear the message.

Kasich does have a better story about how he and his Congressional BFF got stuck in a mosh pit at a Pearl Jam concert in D.C.  Did I mention his BFF was Gary Condit?

If you saw a screaming conservative in a power tie and navy suit complaining about not getting his solo time in the drum circle at Comfest last weekend, you probably just saw John Kasich.