From the daily archives: Monday, June 28, 2010

Let’s get this straight.  Kasich has spent the entire year promoting an income tax plan he has no plans to pay for…  He’s all but said that a TEN YEAR timetable for his own income tax may be too ambitious.  On Sunday, Kasich is quoted as saying he wants to be a one-term Governor who cannot wait to get back to the corporate boardrooms and NYC Fox News studios.

First, I question the wisdom of Kasich announcing that he has no intention of ever facing the voters as Governor.  Second, if Kasich has a plan that he explicitly believes would […]

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Five years ago, when I blogged on my own, I often focused just as much as legal developments as political one (thus, the moniker), so skip this post if you’re not interested in an open academic discussion about today’s Supreme Court decision in McDonald v. City of Chicago.

The main reason the McDonald decision is significant is because it’s the first time the United States Supreme Court has openly stated that it’s possible for a federal court to declare a state statute or municipal ordinance regulating the ownership or possession of firearms is subject to the Second Amendment of the […]

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Yard signs!

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Dan Gilbert owns the Cleveland Cavaliers. He’s also the guy who going to own the Cleveland and Cincinnati casinos once they are built.

And it’s looking pretty likely that he’s also the guy who’s been funding has been so far hiding the source of the millions of dollars it used to collect signatures to get their anti-slots proposal on the ballot.

Up until last week it was in Dan Gilbert’s best interest to keep slot machines out of Ohio race tracks because they would compete with his soon-to-be-built casinos.

But last week “the Ohio State Racing […]

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So, I just noticed in that New York Observer story I linked to mentioned that John Kasich “was thrown off the stage at a Grateful Dead Concert.”  And I thought, finally, Kasich has a moment of cool?

Um, nope, he was a dick even at a Grateful Dead concert…

According to the June 21, 1991 story in the Washington Post that detailed the whole story “The Night of the Livid Dead; Congressman Booted Offstage,” Kasich tried to make a power play on the Grateful Dead.

As the Ohio Republican was being urged off the stage, a witness reports, […]

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With friends like Joe Hallett in the media, John Kasich doesn’t need enemies.  Apparently, Joe Hallett didn’t think that last week was enough of a public relations disaster for John Kasich, so he decided to write about a choice quote Kasich made in October:

"I just want to fix the state and get the heck out of this as soon as I can," Kasich, the 58-year-old former managing director for now-defunct Lehman Brothers, told me in October. He said he’d be happy to return to the business sector and, possibly, resume his gig as an on-air personality for […]

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The United States Supreme Court issued a landmark decision today regarding the Second Amendment to the federal constitution.

In a 5-4 decision in McDonald v. City of Chicago, the Supreme Court held, for the first time in its history, that the Second Amendment of the federal constitution applies to the States and local government through the post-Civil War era 14th Amendment. 

Just two years ago, in Heller v. D.C., the Supreme Court first definitively recognized that the Second Amendment conferred an individual right to possess firearms.  However, as D.C. ordinances are federal in nature, the Court left open […]

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I’ve always argued that blogging is, in fact, work, and now I know that’s true, because when you have other work to do, you don’t blog.  But I’ve been paying attention, have a brief interlude in which to blog, and I have a pronouncement to make about John Kasich’s campaign.

The Kasich campaign is a total joke. It’s approaching Ken Blackwell territory, and it’s not even July 4 yet.  Chris Redfern probably can’t believe his luck – Kasich was a flawed candidate to begin with, and now, after about two solid weeks of self immolation, Kasich has given ODP all […]

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