This was Kasich on Toledo television earlier this month:

Here’s John Kasich’s campaign’s response yesterday  to protests by Youngstown city officials over how Kasich’s tax plans will bankrupt Ohio’s cities and local governments and force them to raise taxes:

But a spokesman for the candidate tells us the measure being discussed was proposed by a state lawmaker — and has never been part of Kasich’s campaign.

The spokesman adds the income tax measure itself was defeated months ago, and is no longer even being considered.

John Kasich just threw the entire Ohio GOP legislative caucus under his luxury campaign RV.  Of course, Kasich at one time publicly praised the lawmaker for introducing the bill he now condemns saying at the time that they were unified in their view that repealing the income tax was an economic necessity.  And almost every legislative Republican co-sponsored Adams’ bill which was presented by a coordinated Republican effort to demonstrate unity within the party over John Kasich’s single issue.

Now, it’s being treated like a fad like parachutes pants.

1980s Parachute Pants

You can’t touch this.

You have to feel bad for guys like Josh Mandel who signed up Kasich tax repeal by co-sponsoring Adams’ bill, runs for State Treasurer, only to have your gubernatorial candidate say… “that crazy idea?  Oh, we got rid of that thing MONTHS ago!”  Oops.

What’s worse is that Nichols is factually WRONG.  The House Ways and Means Committee never voted on HB 400.  It’s never been legislatively defeated.  Why, I bet they’ll even be more hearings on this interesting idea that John Kasich and the GOP legislative leadership came up with when the House is back in session this fall!

So why would Nichols lie and make his campaign’s signature issue look even more unpopular?  Because they are desperately trying to change the subject, but can’t because this was their central “plan” to fix Ohio’s economy and there was no “Plan B.”

You know what I think what really happened?  A few weeks ago, I wrote about the hilarious attempt by one of the co-sponsors of Adams’ bill to distance himself from… the Adams’ bill.  I think the GOP legislative leaders have determined that this bill is ballot box poison from them, and it could kill any chance they have to retake control over the Ohio House of Representatives.  So they’ve told the Kasich campaign to walk it back a bit and let’s not get bogged down this election cycle with the nuttiness of their actual ideas.

The only issue that would remain unresolved under this theory is whether the Ohio Republicans have truly abandoned the idea altogether, or if they’re just walking away from it only until the November elections.  And then, they’ll slip back into like a favorite comfortable pair of acid-wash jeans.

I think the question that needs to be asked up and down the GOP ticket, from Kasich to Mandel, to every State legislative candidate is, do you still support repealing Ohio’s income and estate taxes and how would you pay for it?  Until these candidate definitely say the income tax repeal is dead, it’s still just as much alive as it was a year ago.  It’s just been hidden away for its safety.  It’s in the Republican Crazy Idea Protection Program living in hiding under an assumed name.

I think John Kasich’s communication shop is giving Ken Blackwell’s communication shop a run for its money as worst campaign communications general election team in Ohio ever.

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