President Clinton attended yesterday’s USA – Algeria match, and took in the dramatic and tense atmosphere. After, he headed down to the lockerroom, and reportedly hung out with the team for 45 minutes. This epic photo shows him enjoying a Budweiser with defender Carlos Bocanegra.


  • tudorman

    Bubba's holding that beer like…a wuss.

  • Really? How do tough guys like you hold them? I mean really. If you are drinking Budweiser aren't you automatically a wuss?

  • tudorman

    Like Bocanegra is gripping his. Firm grip, with the little finger underneath to keep it from sliding out of your hand while hitting on your next potential…humidor.

    Now if you're drinking Bud and employing the correct grip, you still might be considered a wuss if the guy next to you is pouring Chivas Regal down the neck of a Gibson ES-355s guitar directly into his gullet.

    But then the guy next to you is probably Keith Richards.

  • Little finger underneath? Interesting. Homoerotic even. 😉

    Prez is holding it more like he's pitching it than swilling it. Wuss? Very subjective I'd imagine. Pansy conservatives probably know about it than most. Where's Naugle when you need him?

  • tudorman

    There's nothing erotic, about having a beer slip through your hand and smashing the toes of your, uh, target. Homo or otherwise.


    Don't call Naugle! He would probably try to have Bocanegra deported. 🙂

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  • Shalom Y'all,

    Looks like Billy has lost some serious pounds.

    And yeah, I don't consider Budweiser to be real beer anymore.



  • mvirenicus

    I'm still flummoxed from learning that my beer of choice is the same as eric's. ~:-)

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