Mark Naymik at the Cleveland Plain Dealer has the explosive story:

Ohio Auditor Mary Taylor has delayed the release of her performance audit of the Lottery Commission, adding to speculation that gubernatorial politics is at play.

Taylor is Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich’s running mate, and her audit — which she says is not complete — could generate negative stories about Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland’s administration. And a later release means the findings will come out closer to the fall election.

Taylor’s office briefed the Ohio Lottery Commission of its findings weeks ago and said it would provide them of a copy of their draft last Friday… then, abruptly, Taylor’s office cancelled a prescheduled meeting with the Lottery Commission and said the draft was not forthcoming.

The offered reason for the delay?  The highest levels of Taylor’s office are dissatisfied that the report isn’t sensational enough:

Jim Penning, chief of the performance audit division, told [Lottery Executive Director Kathleen] Burke on Thursday that Taylor’s executive staff reviewed the draft and asked him to “dig deeper” into the issues behind some of the report’s recommendations, according to Burke’s letter.

Initially, Taylor promised her report would be issued in May or this month.  Last month, she announced it would be August.  Now, it looks like it won’t be until September when the general election is considered to be in full swing.

Mary Taylor’s office clearly had a draft report they were ready to iss\e and discuss with the agency until the higher ups in her office decided that the report was suddenly no longer satisfactory and needed to be delayed… yet again… to coincidentally issue sometime ideal to the general election calendar in which Taylor shares the top of the statewide ticket against the Administration the report concerns.

Yeah, there’s nothing odd about this at all.  Move along, folks, nothing to see here…