Yesterday, the Carpetblogger alleged that Strickland running mate said at her press conference that the Second Amendment is irrelevant to the Governor’s race.  He claims to quote a story but doesn’t cite the source or link to it.

Of course, it’s a complete fiction as McGee Brown actually said that her personal views are irrelevant as she supports the Governor and he sets the policy for the State.  Despite my demand that Keeling correct his post, he’s refused to respond.

Not to be outdone, Matt Naugle admits what Keeling ignores (that the Associated Press and the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported the comments exactly as I said and not as Keeling presented them), but Naugle claims the reporting is part of Sandy Theis conspiracy (seriously, Matt, seek help.  You’re obsessed with this woman, and its creepy.

Check out the video at 6:41.

(Source: Ohio Capital Blog)

There’s a huge difference between the two comments.  One is insulting to gun rights voters.  The other is a public acknowledgement that office of Lt. Governor is one with no real policymaking role or power.  (Frankly, I’d be okay is we just eliminated the position.)  McGee Brown said her personal views are irrelevant as it is the Governor that decides such matters.  As we’ve seen in the last four years, this has been true as the Governor has consistently supported furthering gun rights in Ohio despite Lee Fisher’s historic and outspoken support for gun control.

Jon Keeling is a liar.  And Matt Naugle is a tin foil hat wearing nutjob.  There’s no “Sandy Theis” conspiracy.  An AP reporter got the quote wrong (as reflected in other outlets reports of the same comments) and then corrected it to reflect the actual quote. That’s it.

And we know that the revision is correct because it’s on video.

Keeling doesn’t care about his credibility.  If he did, he would have apologized for getting his Stivers-planted smear against Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy on TARP wrong after falsely claiming she had never cast a vote against the TARP when she had.

Keeling will just keep on lying.  One lie after the next.  Moving on, hoping that none of the Kasich clowns that follow his propagandist site ever bother to question the source.  And then, when negative stories about things that Kasich actually said (that are also recorded), he complains that folks who mention these comments are somehow “lying” with no explanation of what, exactly, they’re lying about.  Keeling and Kasich DESERVE each other.  Both folks totally disconnected as to the totally negative campaign they are running while decrying… negative campaigning.

Jon Keeling is nothing more than a professional astroturfer.  What else can you call a Virginia resident who writes about Ohio politics like he lives here, directs tweets to folks in the Ohio media claiming to know better what Ohioans care about, and who has a documented history of bringing out-of-state crowds to political events for Republicans (like Stivers and Chabot… Keeling brought out-of-state residents to appear at their events as supporters, replete with those candidates’ T-shirts.  He even toured the State in an RV with their bumper stickers… and an out-of-State license plate.)

He is nothing more than a cheerleader for Ohio’s continued economic failure for no other reason than he wants his party to win an election.  And he has no shame.  What else do you call a person who accuses Strickland of “class warfare” over insulting comments that Kasich himself admits was out of bounds?  I cannot recall a blogger who has had to be called out more for his falsehoods more than Keeling.  When you beat Tom Blumer and Matt Naugle for creating whoppers, you’ve simply gone too far.

My only hope is that if Ted Strickland is re-elected we’ll never hear from the Carpetblogger any more.