From the daily archives: Thursday, June 24, 2010

For a candidate who claims to be running a positive campaign about jobs, this seems to be yet another “off message” foray.

Of course the Strickland=Obama is a hard line to sell, what with Strickland opposing Obama in the primaries after all.  Ohioans rarely connect its gubernatorial races as a referendum on the President.

That’s why Strickland’s approval rating has been rising while Obama’s been dropping.

Clearly, the Kasich campaign is trying to retool and find a new message. So now, they’re reduced to saying that people should vote for Kasich because it will “stop” Obama somehow.  Except it won’t.  […]

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President Clinton attended yesterday’s USA – Algeria match, and took in the dramatic and tense atmosphere. After, he headed down to the lockerroom, and reportedly hung out with the team for 45 minutes. This epic photo shows him enjoying a Budweiser with defender Carlos Bocanegra.


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Governor Ted Strickland succeeded in getting new regulations that clarify that state employees can use family leave time to attend to “significant others” included partners in same-sex relationships.

The Columbus Dispatch reported that the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR)- a bipartisan legislative committee (and is chaired by a Republican) that reviews and holds limited veto power over administrative rule changes passed the Strickland proposal with virtually no debate.

Today, the U.S. Department of Labor issued new regulations that also clarified that unmarried, same-sex partners also may benefit from the Family Medical Leave Act when their partner […]

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Yes, you read that right.  This morning, Jon Keeling claimed that the Strickland campaign’s reaction to the Kasich campaign’s elitist anti-rural comments were actually a ploy to shore up rural voters.

Here’s Keeling’s “killer” argument that Strickland is in trouble in his geographical base.

“15 Southern and Southeastern Ohio counties saw a net gain of 2,845 Party switchers in the May primary.”

That’s your lead off argument, Keeling?  Wow, words can express how underwhelming that statistic is especially once you realize that Keeling is including the most Republican counties in Ohio in counting this.  Southern Ohio should […]

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Yesterday, the Carpetblogger alleged that Strickland running mate said at her press conference that the Second Amendment is irrelevant to the Governor’s race.  He claims to quote a story but doesn’t cite the source or link to it.

Of course, it’s a complete fiction as McGee Brown actually said that her personal views are irrelevant as she supports the Governor and he sets the policy for the State.  Despite my demand that Keeling correct his post, he’s refused to respond.

Not to be outdone, Matt Naugle admits what Keeling ignores (that the Associated Press and the Cleveland Plain […]

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Mark Naymik at the Cleveland Plain Dealer has the explosive story:

Ohio Auditor Mary Taylor has delayed the release of her performance audit of the Lottery Commission, adding to speculation that gubernatorial politics is at play.

Taylor is Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich’s running mate, and her audit — which she says is not complete — could generate negative stories about Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland’s administration. And a later release means the findings will come out closer to the fall election.

Taylor’s office briefed the Ohio Lottery Commission of its findings weeks ago and said it would provide […]

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Seriously, Keeling needs a whaaambulance.

Nobody lied or mischaracterized what Kasich said.  Furthermore, not one person believes that Keeling wouldn’t have issued just as many tweets and posts (probably double) if Strickland had committed the kind of gaffes that Kasich did.

Kasich himself emerged from his book tour to say that he took his campaign spokesman “to the woodshed” over his comments

But Nichols is being thrown under the bus unfairly.  Yes, you read that right.  Nichols is being blamed unfairly.  Remember that Nichols’ “chicken shack” comment was not made off the cuff, but in a […]

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