Anthony at Ohio Daily Blog wrote a real must-read that captures better than I can write it, my own thoughts lately about John Kasich:

Go to any parade or fair in any county in Ohio and you’ll likely see a sad child looking to the sky at the helium balloon that slipped from his or her hands. Others will pause for a moment and watch the balloon grow smaller and smaller as it twists and turns and floats slowly away. For the Ohio Republican Party, that balloon is starting to resemble the thin, lifeless Kasich/Taylor campaign.

Empty and distant, the campaign that seemed destined for a collision course with Governor Ted Strickland now looks to be disinterested and completely unfocused.

If I were Kevin DeWine, I’d be swilling antacids…. actually, more like, if I were the campaign manager of a down-ticket race….

John Kasich just doesn’t really seem like he wants to be Governor.  He seems like he’s far more interested in being a talking head on the 24-hour partisan cable news circuit spinning talking points rather than sitting at the desk with the sleeves pulled up and dealing with actual policy decisions.

I see a guy more in his own skin sitting across Hannity talking about “those godless liberals” than on the stump. A person who wants to be Governor doesn’t say in a national interview that the star marquee player facing free agency of the State’s NBA team could be replaced by a NY Knick.  He doesn’t attack rural voters or go on right wing talk radio to praise smoking bans. 

He doesn’t go on national right wing radio after the primaries to be doted over by the likes of Glenn Beck.

Mary Taylor has been campaigning harder in Ohio than John Kasich is.   And Mary Taylor is notoriously lazy when it comes to campaigning!