(HT: The Carpetblogger)

This morning after particularly rousing statements from John Kasich on faith and the role of government, Glenn Beck said to the gubernatorial candidate, “I think I love you.”

Kasich’s still on his book tour.  And it’s not going well.  One week later, and Kasich’s book sales have declined rapidly.  He’s now at #177 at Amazon’s best sellers list.  That’s over 150 slot drop in a week.

Amazon, incidentally, says the book usually ships between one to two months.  That means that Keeling may not get his copy until college football starts.

It ranks in the 400s at Barnes and Noble.

So much for the Carpetblogger’s belief that the book was headed towards the New York Times Best Sellers List. 

You know, Kasich’s book tour through right-wing Nuttia might get the base “pumped” nationally for Kasich, but not Ohio independents.  Kasich, who is already burdened with being a former Lehman Brothers executive and Fox News host, is head diving into the rabid right wing noise machine when most politicians would begin to court the center of the electorate.

With his elitist comments and his verbal gaffes (LeBron, Nevada) Kasich’s next book could be titled “How NOT to win an election in Ohio.”