First there was the LeBron gaffe that some of said could cost Kasich the race:


Then there was the “Nevada” gaffe:

That doesn’t include the May jobs report or the Lehman Brothers ad, or revelations that Kasich actually lobbied the State’s pension funds on behalf of Lehman Brothers.

Kasich’s campaign is now raising less money than Strickland and spending more, despite not running a single ad.

Now the Kasich campaign has had to issue an apology for attacking Ted Strickland’s upbringing as an indictment against his ability to be Governor.   Well, sort of apologized:

“I was using Governor Strickland’s own words but shouldn’t have and I apologize. When he says those things about himself it’s different than when others say them, and it could be viewed pejoratively. That certainly wasn’t intended.”

I don’t know how Nichols could have possibly thought that his statement wasn’t pejorative.  Again, the comment was that a person who grew up in a chicken shack was not possible of managing our State.

I’m glad that he apologized, but to deny that was his intent makes the apology ring hollow to me.

The Kasich campaign seems to be in a tailspin that doesn’t seem to have the slightest bit of control or direction over itself.

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