First, Kasich blamed the attention span of voters who cared more for following the plot twists of the WWE than considering his plans as Governor.

Then, Kasich suggested that the Cavs would be just fine without LeBron James because we could pick up some quality players from … the Knicks?!?

Yesterday, Kasich made national news attacking Ted Strickland’s heritage. In yesterday’s Politico (Kasich mocks Strickland’s upbringing), the national political publication noted the unusual reaction by the Kasich campaign to Judge Yvette McGee-Brown’s speech yesterday about urban policy:

In the day-to-day trench warfare of political campaigns, a candidate’s humble upbringing is almost always safe from attack.

Not so in Ohio’s race for governor.

Indeed, former Rep. John Kasich’s campaign to unseat Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland took direct aim at the governor’s modest origins, when spokesman Rob Nichols accused Strickland of mismanaging Ohio’s cities because he grew up “in a chicken shack on Duck Run.”

The statement was released by the Kasich campaign to the Ohio Capital Blog.

It drew an immediate rebuke and condemnation by the Strickland campaign that will be followed by a conference call this afternoon with Congressman Charlie Wilson and other Appalachian area representatives.

But before we get engrossed in the coverage over the outrage, I want to point out something first.  In one speech, Yvette McGee Brown gave a more articulate vision and roadmap to get there for Ohio than John Kasich or Mary Taylor have done.  What’s John Kasich’s and Mary Taylor’s policy towards urban development and State-municipality relations?  Couldn’t tell you.

I know that Kasich’s half-baked idea of repealing the income and estate taxes (with no announced plans how to pay for them, coupled with a pledge not to raise taxes) means that a Kasich Administration would be particularly hostile to cities as it would decimate city budgets and force painful cuts and higher local taxes as a result.  (That’s not an either/or situation.  Cities will likely have to raise taxes and cut services just to balance their budgets if Kasich’s tax repeals were implemented.)

Did Kasich’s campaign find anything objectionable in what McGee Brown proposed?  Apparently, not really as they didn’t address the substance of anything she had to say.

Instead, the Kasich campaign reverted to their default:  mock anything the Strickland campaign does with over-the-top comments that distract people from the fact that the Kasich campaign is intellectually bare when it comes to these issues.

John Kasich doesn’t have the slightest clue what he’d do as Governor.  That’s the best thing I can say about him.  Otherwise, he’s some Manchurian Candidate with a secret plan for Ohio that he doesn’t want the voters to know about.  Your pick.

Kasich uses his own middle class roots (he talks about them as if he had a humble upbringing, but lil’ Johnny Kasich seemed to have an average upbringing) as a way to try to appeal to people who, you know, WORK for a living and don’t rely on cushy book publishing deals and contracts with Fox News to get paid between Republican campaigns.

It would be nice to have a debate about urban policy in Ohio during this gubernatorial election.  But since one candidate apparently has no ideas, he’d rather trade classist insults instead.  John Kasich’s elitism and arrogance will be his downfall.

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