From the daily archives: Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Anthony at Ohio Daily Blog wrote a real must-read that captures better than I can write it, my own thoughts lately about John Kasich:

Go to any parade or fair in any county in Ohio and you’ll likely see a sad child looking to the sky at the helium balloon that slipped from his or her hands. Others will pause for a moment and watch the balloon grow smaller and smaller as it twists and turns and floats slowly away. For the Ohio Republican Party, that balloon is starting to resemble the thin, lifeless Kasich/Taylor campaign.

Empty and […]

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For over a year, Rob Portman has told any Tea Party or Republican crowd that he supported the repeal of the recent federal health care reform bill.  In response to the Ohio Republicans’ widespread claims that the health care bill was so unpopular they planned on running on repealing it as part of their national platform, the Ohio Liberty Council (the unofficial umbrella organization of the Tea Party so-called “movement”) drafted a proposed amendment to the Ohio constitution to be voted on this fall with the stated aim of writing into Ohio’s constitution law that “nullifies” the already passed federal […]

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First there was the LeBron gaffe that some of said could cost Kasich the race:


Then there was the “Nevada” gaffe:

That doesn’t include the May jobs report or the Lehman Brothers ad, or revelations that Kasich actually lobbied the State’s pension funds on behalf of Lehman Brothers.

Kasich’s campaign is now raising less money than Strickland and spending more, despite not running a single ad.

Now the Kasich campaign has had to issue an apology for attacking Ted Strickland’s upbringing as an indictment against his ability to be Governor.   Well, sort of […]

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This morning after particularly rousing statements from John Kasich on faith and the role of government, Glenn Beck said to the gubernatorial candidate, “I think I love you.”

Kasich’s still on his book tour.  And it’s not going well.  One week later, and Kasich’s book sales have declined rapidly.  He’s now at #177 at Amazon’s best sellers list.  That’s over 150 slot drop in a week.

Amazon, incidentally, says the book usually ships between one to two months.  That means that Keeling may not get his copy until college football starts.

It ranks […]

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First, Kasich blamed the attention span of voters who cared more for following the plot twists of the WWE than considering his plans as Governor.

Then, Kasich suggested that the Cavs would be just fine without LeBron James because we could pick up some quality players from … the Knicks?!?

Yesterday, Kasich made national news attacking Ted Strickland’s heritage. In yesterday’s Politico (Kasich mocks Strickland’s upbringing), the national political publication noted the unusual reaction by the Kasich campaign to Judge Yvette McGee-Brown’s speech yesterday about urban policy:

In the day-to-day trench warfare of political campaigns, a candidate’s humble […]

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