John Kasich really seems to have a problem with Ohio. He and his campaign (including the carpet blogger) produce a constant stream of bitching and moaning that covers nearly everyone and everything in the state.

Up until recently this has been the primary tactic of his campaign strategy: whine about the incumbent and try to tie him to every bad thing that is happening, or ever did happen, in the state while saying absolutely nothing about how John would do things differently.

As John slowly ventures out of his secure campaign bunker it’s becoming very clear why his highly-paid campaign consultants have kept him away from the press: John Kasich has absolutely no fucking clue what he is talking about.

The most obvious and most frequently repeated example is Kasich’s promise to bring more jobs to Ohio by copying economic policy ideas from other states whose unemployment rates are much higher than Ohio.

But Kasich’s lack of basic knowledge doesn’t stop with simple math, state economies and unemployment rates. Nope. Kasich has no clue about all kinds of shit. For example, in a recent interview with Fox radio Kasich claimed he wasn’t interested in helping to keep LeBron James (2009-2010 NBA MVP) in Cleveland. Instead he believes we can “steal some players out of New York to help us out.”

If you don’t understand why this statement is completely ridiculous, check out these stats from last season:

Cleveland Cavaliers
Wins 61
Losses 21
PCT .744

New York Knicks
Wins 29
Losses 53
PCT .354

Again, it’s really no surprise why John’s handlers have kept him away from the press. If you can’t get the simple shit right, how the hell are you going to address the big stuff? And if you can’t answer basic softball questions from friendly Fox news radio hosts without flubbing the details, how the hell are you going to perform in a televised debate?

  • Sew0822

    you might want to research what John kasich did when he was a representative in Washington. Like leading the charge to balance the budget! Ohio needs John!

  • modernesquire

    We've reviewed his record. You can search our site for all of our postings on it here. John Kasich didn't “lead the charge to balance the budget” there were plenty of people in Washington, of both parties, who wanted to do something about the federal budget deficit.

    One of those was newly elected President Bill Clinton. When Clinton introduced his first budget that was specifically designed to bring our budget into balance by doing something about spending AND revunues, Kasich the budget hawk ran away and resorted to being Kasich the partisan hack. He boldly predicted that Clinton's plan would not reduce the deficit and would extend the recession. Quite the opposite occured.

    Kasich's entire record on the issue demonstrates that he uses “fiscal conservatism” as an excuse to advance a far more radical agenda of radically shrinking the size of government. Kasich has never seriously attempted to deal with either the federal budget deficit or any projected deficit in the State from looking at the revenue side of the equation. Instead, he constantly pushed for more spending (despite being relatively flat before taking over Congress, the GOP increased federal spending some $600 billion while Kasich was House Budget Chairman) while also pushing for massive cuts in revenues. That's kind of opposite of a champion for fiscal conservatism.

    As for the federal budget so-called “surpluses” in the mid to late 1990s, historical data shows that it was increases in revenues that outpaced significant gains in spending that created those temporary surpluses, and not anything John Kasich did. It was the economy, stupid.

    No TRUE fiscal conservative could support John Kasich for Governor. Kasich is promising to repeal Ohio's income and estate taxes. An income tax repeal, when fully implemented, will cost the state nearly half of its current revenues. Yet, Kasich has not offered any plan on how he would pay for it.

    Kasich's present platform would explode a massive hole in its budget with no plan to pay for it. It's fiscally reckless.

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