I have surprisingly fond memories of the OSU campus BW3 restaurants from the early 90s. They weren’t much to look at but I spent many, many hours of my college career chugging happy hour beer and eating amazing ten cent wings at both the north and south campus BW3 locations.

More importantly, I continue to frequent the new-fangled, family friendly Buffalo Wild Wing restaurants now that I’m old.

This itself is quite surprising since I almost never eat fast food anymore.

I actually went well out of my way to stop at a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in the middle of rural Ohio recently on a drive back from Cleveland. The service was way better than I could possibly have hoped for and the food was exactly what I expected (in a good way).

If you asked me yesterday what it would take to turn me against Buffalo Wild Wings I would have answered “a hell of a lot”. We have a long past together and I’m a pretty loyal guy.

But that was yesterday.

The news I received today might turn out to be just the thing that destroys my relationship BW3 forever.

A month or so ago I was joking that BW3 (aka Buffalo Wild Wings) was taking sides in the culture war because some wing nutty Republican whose name I have since forgotten was holding a fund raising event at one of their rural Ohio restaurants.

It turns out I might have been on to something. And this fact depresses the fuck out of me.

Watching local news tonight I just discovered that former OSU football player and anti-choice activist Chris Spielman’s Grid Iron Classic is being sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings. And the money they are raising is primarily going to “The Fellowship of Christian Athletes”.

If you haven’t heard of the FCA, this is their mission statement:

To present to athletes and coaches and all whom they influence the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.

In short: teaching coaches to teach Jesus to the athletes they coach.

Wow…. what could POSSIBLY go wrong with that?

Here’s my advice to Buffalo Wild Wings: stay the hell away from religion and politics and focus on making great chicken wings. You are going to lose more fans/customers than you gain by choosing one god/prophet/savior/religion over another.

In other words:

Sports + Chicken = Good Times and Corporate Success

Sports + Chicken + Jesus = Disaster