From the daily archives: Monday, June 21, 2010

I have surprisingly fond memories of the OSU campus BW3 restaurants from the early 90s. They weren’t much to look at but I spent many, many hours of my college career chugging happy hour beer and eating amazing ten cent wings at both the north and south campus BW3 locations.

More importantly, I continue to frequent the new-fangled, family friendly Buffalo Wild Wing restaurants now that I’m old.

This itself is quite surprising since I almost never eat fast food anymore.

I actually went well out of my way to stop at a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in the […]

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Gee, where have I heard this before?

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John Kasich really seems to have a problem with Ohio. He and his campaign (including the carpet blogger) produce a constant stream of bitching and moaning that covers nearly everyone and everything in the state.

Up until recently this has been the primary tactic of his campaign strategy: whine about the incumbent and try to tie him to every bad thing that is happening, or ever did happen, in the state while saying absolutely nothing about how John would do things differently.

As John slowly ventures out of his secure campaign bunker it’s becoming very clear why his highly-paid […]

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Where to even begin?  First, if you’re going to have an ad about unemployment, why feature two Johnny Lunchpails driving in their work truck from . . . work?  Is this some kind of ham handed attempt by  Republicans to appeal to blue collar workers ?  It strikes me as an odd choice because the fictitious “messengers” don’t really mesh with the message.

Second, the acting and dialogue is just cheesy.  The guy say “bad Governor” in the same tone one says to a puppy that isn’t housebroken.  The pace of the dialogue almost lulls me to sleep.  Third, […]

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