Start listening at the 2:08 mark.  Kasich says, again on video, that he favors repealing the income tax (which is still a weird way to talk about… your own proposal).

KASICH:  “The fastest growing States in the country, job creating States, are like places like Tennessee, Florida, and Texas and…. and…. Nevadah [sic in original.]

These are the States that John Kasich repeatedly has said he, as Governor, would turn Ohio into to emulate.

Nevada is a no income tax State, and it leads the nation alright.  It leads the nation in unemployment, the first time any State has beat Michigan since 2006.   (For the record, Tennessee’s unemployment rate is only .3% better than Ohio’s and had half the improvement in May’s unemployment numbers than Ohio.)

While Florida did see it’s unemployment rate dip, it’s still higher than Ohio’s and 1.5 percentage points higher than a year ago. Ohio is slightly  below the median of States in changes of unemployment from a year ago.  Florida has a year-to-year unemployment figure nearly four times as Ohio’s.  All this suggests that, like Nevada, these no-income tax states are substantially doing worse in recovering from the recession than Ohio.  In fact, the data on the WSJ shows that Ohio is doing better than most States in changing where they were from a year ago.

I’ll say it again because there’s not one journalist, columnist, or editorial board that has yet to say this: there is absolutely no evidence that repealing Ohio’s income tax would help the State recover from the Lehman Brothers recession.  In fact, all evidence is to the contrary.

Earlier this month, John Kasich said Ohio should emulate Florida and Nevada.  It’s not the first time he said that.

When will someone in the media call him out on this?  When will the coddling of Kasich end, and he’s forced to own his own policy proposal?