Wow.  Now if they could just give John Kasich something to stand for.

Apparently, the RGA also single handedly won WWII, ended communism, and brought us Teddy Roosevelt (despite not existing at the time.)

Nothing like showing a bunch of Gulf Coast state governors dependent on the federal government to respond to the oil spill to demonstrate great leadership.

This video is just as vapid as Kasich’s campaign.  All unjustified fluff, no substance.  Maybe it’ll help them raise some dough?  But it’s not going to win a single vote… because it’s not being seen by undecided voters.

Unlike the DGA’s ad on Kasich and Lehman Brothers.

Apparently, despite this difference, Matt Naugle thinks this means the RGA is confident.  Because in no way will the RGA run a negative ad against Strickland.

Oh, yeah, they’ve already done that…. and Naugle called that ad “lame” ad that was a “waste of money.”

Guess he just plain ol’ forgot about that.