So, here’s all that happened today in the Ohio Governor’s race.  I think you need to review the day just to see how bad it, and the rest of the week, was for the non-existent Kasich campaign:

  • The day started with a new Ohio jobs report that showed a drop in unemployment fueled by gains in manufacturing, construction, and other private sector job growth… putting Ohio ahead of most states in job growth in May, especially per capita.  No reported response from the Kasich campaign.
  • The jobs report also showed that Nevada, a non-income tax state now leads the nation in unemployment.  Despite Kasich citing Nevada as an example of a State that he’d have Ohio model earlier this month, nobody in the media has reported any comment from the Kasich campaign.
  • The Democratic Governors Association (DGA) issues a new ad attacking Kasich over his personal lobbying to the state pension funds on Lehman’s behalf.  The Columbus Dispatch calls the ad largely accurate.  No reported response from the Kasich campaign.
  • The President of the United States lands in Columbus to do a jobs event with Governor Ted Strickland announcing a major infrastructure project that will allow Children’s Hospital to expand.  Mary Taylor can only muster criticism that the stimulus has mostly funded government programs.  No reported response from John Kasich.  However, as Jon Keeling tries to spin in Kasich’s absence he’s immediately reminded of video of John Kasich saying that he’d accept stimulus money to fund infrastructure projects (like the one at Childrens?) while Mary Taylor dutifully nods in the background:

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, the Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee, City of Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman and other community and university leaders today broke ground on ProjectONE, a $1 billion Medical Center expansion that represents one of the largest job-generating initiatives in Ohio’s history and will result in the creation of 10,000 full-time jobs.

“ProjectONE provides an immediate economic boost to central Ohio by creating 5,000 new construction jobs while transforming the medical center–already one of the best in the nation–into a worldwide leader in innovation.  But the project will also have a long-term impact on central Ohio?s economy by attracting the best students, doctors and scientists to fill some of the 10,000 permanent jobs that will be created here,” Strickland said.  “I applaud Dr. Gee for his leadership in leveraging the strength of the Ohio State University to benefit Ohio and patients across the globe.”

ProjectONE is one of three Construction Reform Demonstration Projects as directed by H.B. 318 that will test alternative methods of public construction management in Ohio.

No reported response by the Kasich campaign

  • John Kasich spent the day giving a bunch of out-of-state interviews to right-wing talk radio as part of his book tour.

Which candidate looks like the one focused on jobs in Ohio to you?

(P.S.- Aaron Pickrell, today was definitely a big ol’ “feather” day!)