While not as great as Ohio’s April jobs report, the report for May is still very good news… unless you’re John Kasich and you based your entire campaign on betting that the economy wouldn’t show signs of improving in Ohio well before the election.

Ohio reduced unemployment by .2% point reducing Ohio’s unemployment rate in May to 10.7%, thus returning Ohio to an unemployment rate it hasn’t seen in six months.  For the second month in a row, Ohio was one of the top States in monthly job growth.

Although the reduction in unemployment was partially due to the hiring of temporary census worker, focusing on that fact like Official Kasich Cheerleader for Failure Jon Keeling did, and declaring that there’s “no good news” in the report is simply false.

First, this is the fourth straight month of positive job growth in Ohio.  Second, the unemployment rate dropped due to new jobs being created, not because unemployed Ohioans were leaving the workforce.  According to the May Ohio jobs report:

[Ohio added] 4,800 jobs to manufacturing. Also up were construction (+1,700) and mining and logging (+100).

Other sectors with increased employment were leisure and hospitality (+4,000) and financial activities (+1,300).

All in all, Ohio saw the labor market grow over ten thousands new jobs, saw growth in several key sectors of the private sector, and saw its unemployment rate drop as a result of job growth.

Again, all of this is good news for Ohio and shows that Ohio is well on its way to recovery.

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