From the daily archives: Friday, June 18, 2010

Remember the Dream. Remember November. from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

Wow.  Now if they could just give John Kasich something to stand for.

Apparently, the RGA also single handedly won WWII, ended communism, and brought us Teddy Roosevelt (despite not existing at the time.)

Nothing like showing a bunch of Gulf Coast state governors dependent on the federal government to respond to the oil spill to demonstrate great leadership.

This video is just as vapid as Kasich’s campaign.  All unjustified fluff, no substance.  Maybe it’ll help them raise some dough?  But it’s not going to […]

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The busy summer continues – I’m off on another trip abroad for work tomorrow, and my county council campaign is heating up – we may break the 10 candidate mark by filing day next week!  So here’s the obligatory light posting alert, with a little Lee Fisher love.

Finally, Lee showed up with President Obama at a visit to Ohio, and it looks like he’s found a new campaign manager from the LGBT community, Lynne Bowman.  Both are very good signs for Lee – but it may be a first for the LGBT community in Ohio to have someone of […]

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So, here’s all that happened today in the Ohio Governor’s race.  I think you need to review the day just to see how bad it, and the rest of the week, was for the non-existent Kasich campaign:

The day started with a new Ohio jobs report that showed a drop in unemployment fueled by gains in manufacturing, construction, and other private sector job growth… putting Ohio ahead of most states in job growth in May, especially per capita.  No reported response from the Kasich campaign. The jobs report also showed that Nevada, a non-income tax state now leads […]

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Start listening at the 2:08 mark.  Kasich says, again on video, that he favors repealing the income tax (which is still a weird way to talk about… your own proposal).

KASICH:  “The fastest growing States in the country, job creating States, are like places like Tennessee, Florida, and Texas and…. and…. Nevadah [sic in original.]

These are the States that John Kasich repeatedly has said he, as Governor, would turn Ohio into to emulate.

Nevada is a no income tax State, and it leads the nation alright.  It leads the nation in unemployment, the first time any […]

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While not as great as Ohio’s April jobs report, the report for May is still very good news… unless you’re John Kasich and you based your entire campaign on betting that the economy wouldn’t show signs of improving in Ohio well before the election.

Ohio reduced unemployment by .2% point reducing Ohio’s unemployment rate in May to 10.7%, thus returning Ohio to an unemployment rate it hasn’t seen in six months.  For the second month in a row, Ohio was one of the top States in monthly job growth.

Although the reduction in unemployment was partially […]

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It seems that the PERS office is in full damage control mode from a public relations standpoint.  They’ve now publicly declared “Ohio Public Employees Retirement System Chief Executive Chris DeRose said today that advice offered via e-mail by a campaign operative for Republican candidate John Kasich to a pension executive was neither solicited nor followed.”

But the statement by PERS’ Chief Executive doesn’t in there.  It then states,   “[Kasich’s campaign spokeman’s e-mail] offered suggestions on explaining the losses to reporters.”

Kasich’s campaign contacted ex-Taft aides working within the highest levels of the state pension funds and pushed them […]

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