Ordinarily, I wouldn’t post a campaign’s e-mail verbatim, but Pepper’s campaign puts it better than I could:

Caught on Tape: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

A Tale of Two Candidates: Rally Rhetoric Versus Actual Facts

Sometimes it’s good to have a video camera around.  Because they capture things that you otherwise won’t believe unless you see them yourself.

In this case, someone who taped a 2009 Columbus Tea Party rally filmed a politician working up the crowd by decrying increased spending.  Government spending was up 66% in ten years, he complained, while personal incomes were up only 22% in that time.  The crowd cheered.

David Yost Do as I Say

But what the cheering crowd didn’t know was that that politican wasn’t telling them everything . . .

He didn’t tell them that in his seven years as prosecutor, his own spending had increased at a rate more than double the one he was complaining about.

In fact, compared to the budget the year before he took office, by 2009, HIS BUDGET HAD INCREASED MORE THAN 150%.

He didn’t tell them that at that time, he had never once cut his prosecutor budget from one year to the next. To the contrary, he had increased his own spending every year

He didn’t tell them that those increases came at a rate far higher than either inflation or population growth in his county.

And he didn’t tell them that the reason he had so much money to spend was because his County, according to Forbes Magazine, has the highest average property tax per household in the state.  And rather than cutting spending or taxes in his time in office, he had instead increased spending at an alarming rate.


Really. You have to see it all to believe it.  Click here to do so.

(By the way, that politician, Dave Yost, now wants to be your State Auditor–and, surprise, he’s still giving speeches saying he’s against spending).

Pepper’s campaign didn’t even include a solicitation for campaign donations.  Ordinarily, I’d call that a mistake, but with the biggest fundraising advantage among the statewides, I’ll give them a pass for now.

You really have to wonder why the Ohio Republican Party agreed to spend so much money in the primary to get Yost the nomination.  Don’t you?  If not by now, when?


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